For Malawi as a Nation to come to True Repentance before God
Holding Regular Repentance Meetings across the Country of Malawi
We Encourage all Church Leaders, Christians and the Youth to Get Involved

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Prayer Mobilization

Mobilized Church Leaders and Intercessors to pray for their families, churches and nations


We are an arm to churches as we train church leaders in leadership training, conflict resolution, project management and effective communication skills


We help the churches and ministries on issues of public relations and the media in communication management

Christian Counselling

We provide Christian Counselling and Prayer to anyone in need of help and support

Leadership Coaching

We coach leaders on issues of managing and leading their organization using Dr John Maxwell's "Million Leaders Mandate" model

Youth Ministry

We are Investing in the Youth - as being the Next Generation - involving and growing them in the work of the Great Commission.

Recent and Upcoming Events

Repentance and Prayer Conference in Blantyre
Repentance and Prayer Conference in Blantyre

November the 7th, 2020
We will be meeting at the Mbayani Primary School @ 8:00am
Let's all come together before God and Repent and Intercede for the Healing and Restoration of Malawi

Next Global Day of Repentance
Next Global Day of Repentance

Election Day, November the 3rd, 2020

Please Join us as we Repent and Intercede together for the United States of America on their Day of their Presidential Elections, that God's will be done, and that it will be a peaceful day, and the right President selected by God will also be elected by the nation of America. As this Election will be very important not just for the USA, but also for the rest of the world, as it will determine the future of Christianity...
Therefore we need your prayers of Repentance and Intercession, as it is a privilege and a necessity for every Christian to pray and stand in the gap before God and man for the salvation of the nations...

OUT International Training in Mchinji
OUT International Training in Mchinji

– 28th of November 2020
For all the yOUTh - Come and find OUT what is your Calling....
See our Youth Events Page for more details

Malawi Day of Repentance - MULANJE - Protection and Healing for Malawi
Malawi Day of Repentance - MULANJE - Protection and Healing for Malawi

5th of December 2020

Please come and join us as we will be Repenting, Praying and Interceding for the Protection and Healing of Malawi !!!

Some Feedback From Recent Events

NATIONAL Repentance Day - Zomba @Annies Lodge on the 3rd of March 2020

Group Photo of everyone attending our NATIONAL Repentance Day in Zomba on Martyr's day
It was a great Repentance we are short of words…. GOD visited Us.. We Filled the Hall and the Holy Spirit MOVED !!!

NATIONAL Repentance Day - Zomba @Annies Lodge on the 3rd of March 2020 A Very Successful Day in the Presence of God...
Thanksgiving Prayers - 31st of July 2020

Various Ministries represented,people joining from near and far in Balaka North, to Thank God for His Goodness and Favor towards Malawi over the last few months during our Election Time - and that God answered our prayers and gave us a God Fearing President

Thanksgiving Prayers - 31st of July 2020 Have a look at our Gallery Page for more feedback on the day !!!!
Repentance and Prayer for Peace Day at Chiradzulu - 25th of September 2020

Another successful day of Prayers and Repentance...

Repentance and Prayer for Peace Day at Chiradzulu - 25th of September 2020 Hallelujah

Recent Updates and Posts

Our Latest News and Events

57 Children Rescued from Human Traffickers in South Africa

57 Children Rescued from Human Traffickers in South Africa

The following Video is an extract from a news bulletin earlier this week in South Africa – after a number of children have been rescued in South Africa after they have all been abducted and kept hostage, for human trafficking purposes..

We need to urgently pray against this, as this is now becoming a very serious threat in South Africa, but also in Africa and across the world, as children are being grabbed from their parents arms and kidnapped or abducted from their homes, schools, even from cars, in restaurants, etc…in broad daylight…!!!

There are a number of syndicates involved in this, and people are offered large sums of money for every kid being delivered to them, so people aren’t even scared anymore to walk up to parents in broad day light to try and grab their children from them…and even wrestle with them for their kids…!!!

And the reason why we are sharing this video on this site, is also because the people involved in this case were from Malawi.

Thus we request that you will Please pray for God’s protection over all of our children in every country, Malawi, South Africa, Africa and the world…and also that anyone and everyone being involved in these schemes will be caught and brought to justice, and that the children will be delivered safe and unharmed to their homes and families, and the guilty parties will come to repentance before God of their sins…

Together we can fight this battle in the Spirit, and God will bring the Victory !!!


May God Protect our Children !!!

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We have Officially Launched the yOUTh OUT International youth program


We have officially Launched the yOUTh OUT International youth program

This past Saturday, the 22nd of August 2020, we have held a Youth Conference and Training event in Lilongwe, with Dr Rev Edward Mikwamba, Bishop Joseph Kazembe and Lumbani Nyansulu.

And during our event we have Officially Launched  yOUTh OUT International as our Youth branch under National Repentance Malawi...

You can see more here on our yOUTh Events Page

More to follow on this Launch soon...


May God Bless the yOUTh of Malawi !!!

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Bridal Hope Chest / Glory Box Initiative Started by NDR

Bridal Hope Chest / Glory Box Initiative Started by NDR

National Day of Repentance (NDR) USA has started a New Initiative – called the “Bridal Hope Chest” (also referred to as the “Glory Box”), to assist with funding people in desperate need of food or medical assistance…etc.

Pastor Jeff Daly, from NDR, heard of Ps Naomi Chitheka, part of the National Repentance Malawi Team, being so sick and in need of medical attention, and decided – together with the Woman’s Repentance Group in Corpus Christi, Texas, USA (who have been studying Pastor Daly’s materials on repentance since the fall of 2019),  to contribute to Pastor Naomi’s medical needs as well as food support for her and her family, so she can concentrate on getting well.

Pastor Naomi is the first person to receive a Bridal Hope Chest blessing from NDR andall of the team is rejoicing with her!

Below are a few photos and a video of the National Repentance Malawi team delivering the money to Pastor Naomi by surprising her at home..!!

Just see the joy on her face…smiling all the time…

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