When Hunger Continues Biting…

When hunger continues biting more assistance save one is better than losing all even 1 can make a difference.
Dependence on pumpkin for survival is actually retrogression as, before it, the community was relaying on mangoes which are fast getting out of season and no longer easy to get.

Fyness Nachuma, a single mother of seven, from Girmission village told us this week that the pumpkin leaves are boiled and taken as breakfast, lunch and super.

“The situation is dire here. We literary have no food. Before now, we could prepare elephant beans (kalongonda) for sell but those beans are no longer in season too. And it is so difficult to get anybody who can give us work for money to buy food,” she said.

We also met Modesta Chitokoto. She is aged 74. She lives with her husband who is much older and critically ill. She tells us that touching story,

As we continue praying for this situation let us help those we can to save lives
Bishop Joseph


Please contact Rev Edward Mikwamba for any donations…

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