Repentance and Humbleness before God brought the Victory !!

Repentance and Humbleness Before God Brought the Victory for Malawi..!!

After serious prayers during various “Repentance and Prayer for Peace Days” held throughout Malawi for the Court Ruling to be Righteous after all the unrest within Malawi because of the Elections on the 21st of May 2019, the court has declared the Elections Void on Monday the 3rd of February 2020…!!

Below are some photos of our prayer times, and the court Ruling etc…

The court also ordered new presidential elections to be held within 150 days (5 Months) from now –  for the Nation of Malawi to decide on the New President for the next 5 years…

This ruling comes after various strikes, and many riots within the country, as well as attempted bribery of some of the Judges.

Various people have since been arrested for fraud and corruption these past 2 weeks…!!!

We praise God, for this is clearly His hand in the process – and we know He has shone His Light on all the proceedings, and gave the judges the courage to stand their ground in this judgment…

We are asking for your continued support and prayers for our beloved nation…!!!

BUT NOW: We are asking for your continued prayers of Repentance and Intercession – as all this isn’t over yet.

Although many of  the Malawian people are rejoicing about the outcome of the court ruling, there are still a number of people not happy with the court ruling – and are still in rebellion towards it all – which is leading to new unrest situations…

We are trusting in God that all will be revealed and that True Righteousness and Justice will prevail !!!

And that those that have chosen to walk in God’s way – will be protected and kept from harm in the midst of all the new unrest now…

Below are some feedback and testimonies we have received on the elections.

If you have a testimony you want to share with us, please feel free to forward it to Rev Edward – and we will make sure that it will all be posted here or on our testimonies page…


Message received from:  Dr Jerry Rawlings – Former President of Ghana

I have been following the elections case in Malawi. Once again, this tiny Southern African country has proved to the whole world that it is governed by rule of law. A few minutes ago, the Court has nullified last years presidential elections.

You may argue with me that such similar nullification has occurred before in Kenya.  But I challenge that the Malawi case is unprecedented.  There were bribery allegations. The Judges stood for the truth and could not accept any money from any politician. We are told that a sum of about US$20 million was offered to the Judges but they refused and decided to uphold the rule of law. If that same money was given to some Ghanaian Judges, they would sold the whole country, including selling Ghanaians abroad. But the Malawian Judges stood firm on the truth. I admire the Malawi Judiciary which stands for the truth. As Ghanaians,  there is a lot we can learn from the Malawi experience. Congratulations to the people of Malawi.


Message received from Ps Jeff from National Day of Repentance in California USA :

The key point is that in such a volatile situation the Lord God Himself needs to do the healing for Malawi.

And to get Him to do that,  His people called by His Name, [the ones that already have made Him Lord and Savior, or who now will make Him Lord and Savior] must now act – with Malawi Repentance Team to be leaders in this.

The action can happen  individually, or more powerfully, in a group, as a sacred assembly or series of sacred assemblies – not just fasting and praying, although that is very important – but actually acts of Repentance, a sincere TURNING – 180 degrees from the flesh and the ways of the world.

When, before the 150 days are up,  the LORD sees that,  He WILL hear from heaven, forgive sin, and He will heal Malawi supernaturally.   People can’t do it; He will have to do it.

AND This is true not just in Malawi but in all other nations also.


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