24 hours Global day of Repentance – 1st May 2020

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24 Hours Global day of Repentance

1st May 2020 from 12pm (CAT)   –   2nd of May 12pm (CAT)

As you may have noticed by now on other places on our website – a 24 hour Global Day of Repentance have been Announced to start on International Workers Day – May the 1st 2020, by the National Day of Repentance (NDR) USA ministry under the leading of PS Jeffrey Daly….

This day has been initiated in honor of Malawi and the National Repentance Malawi team of Pastors and other ministers who grew in various numbers over the past 8+ years, and carried the Torch and Preached the message of Repentance throughout Malawi, seeing God’s hand move on their behalf from and through their regular Prayers of Repentance and Intercession for Malawi, changing situations in their country, and protecting and sparing their nation from various perilous times in the past…  You can read more here about our history and where and how we started !!!

And thus – Now in the face of this Covid-19 Pandemic – we are all standing together again in unity and agreement before God, asking God for His Hand of protection yet again over Malawi – and to spare the people from the heartache and pain from this Pandemic. As we know our strength and Protection only comes from the Lord. And as the numbers of infections are slowly increasing in our country, we know only God can stop this Virus dead in its tracks and prevent it from spreading amongst the people, as it is very difficult for Malawi to go under full Lock-down as any of the other nations can do, as we will all starve of hunger if we aren’t allowed to go out and look for food every day.

Therefore, we invite you to join hands with us – and Register on the Global Day of Repentance Website – and let us know that you are praying with us and for us…

But please we ask for you that are outside of Malawi wanting to join us, to also Please Pray and Intercede and Repent for your own country as well, somewhere during the 24 hours.

Therefore a 24 Hour of Repentance Prayer Points Guide – has also been made available – which can be download and printed out as a pdf,  and can be used as a guidance to pray with us, and for your country during the 24 hours Prayer time set aside. In here you will see a list of 24 sins, national and personal sins, that is need of repentance and cleansing worldwide.

You alone or together with your Family, Cell group or Church, can pray through all 24 these prayer points – or choose anyone of them specifically – and Repent before God as Intercessors and Prayer Warriors for yourself, your family, church, community, your Country, Continent, and also for Malawi, for the African Content, and for all the nations of the world…

Over the 24 hours starting at Noon, Jerusalem time (which is also Central African Time (CAT)), you can individually pick any time you decide to spend with the Holy Spirit, confessing your sins, confessing the sins of your family, confessing the sins of your nation.  10 minutes; one hour; it’s up to you. As you are doing that knowing that another 300+ brothers and sisters from 12+ countries who have all registered from all over the planet during this 24 hour window will also be doing their own cleansing of their sins and interceding for Malawi and their own respective nations.  We will be like a “Gideon’s Army” representing the BRIDE praying for the washing and cleansing of her robes.

And through your time of prayer and afterwards, you will sense the UNITY of the Body of Christ through Repentance…!!!

As you praying and Repenting before the Lord, Believing that,  seeing this move of repentance, the Lord will follow His Word in 2 Chronicles 7: 13-14…

…..as you and I turn from our wicked ways He will hear from heaven, forgive our sins and heal our lands…!!!


Please Note – there will unfortunately not be a ZOOM Call made available this time round, as we just do not have the capacity amongst us within this short space of time, to plan and manage an event of this size, but we are planning on doing this more regularly, and hope and trust God that we will be able to host something like this again very soon.

But, as the Lord may lead, if He is calling you as a Pastor, Bishop, Teacher or Prayer Warrior to do something for others in the form of a simple repentance service, you could hold a small gathering at a church, maybe with a video camera and place that on Facebook live or possibly WhatsApp, YouTube, etc…, and let us know about it, and we will post all the links we receive of your Prayer and Repentance times, for others to join in on the day or even after the fact as a repeat watch, to encourage more and more people to continue praying even after this 24-hour Prayer time.

And for everyone Registering on the Global Day of Repentance website – we promise we will be praying for each one of you by name on the Global day of Repentance and after that we will be staying in contact with you all, and inform you of our next plans and visions etc, and hopefully soon we will be ministering on-line and you will be able to meet us all in person…!!!!

Till we meet in person, we pray:

May God Bless and Protect  and Bless Malawi and each and Every One of His Children and Countries through this Pandemic time,

and May His Hand and His Holy Spirit move upon each and everyone of you and keep you all Safe from all harm and disappointment..


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