Feedback from our 1st Global Day of Repentance

Global Day of Repentance:


Feedback from our 1st Global Day of Repentance

We want to thank each and everyone Registering, Repenting, Praying and Interceding with us for Malawi as well as for all the nations across the world….!!!

We see it that it was A Very Successful First Global Day of Repentance on May the 1st, 2020.

We have received 540 registrations in total from 24 different nations..!!!

And we have already received various feedback of visions and Scriptures that people have received on the day, as well as seen some of the first fruits of the repentance prayers.

You can Read all about the Feedback here:  A Successful First Global Day of Repentance

If you have any Testimonies, or seen any signs or miracles of First Fruits from your prayers on the 24 hours of Prayer and Repentance from May the 1st, please don’t hesitate to let us know… We would love to hear from you, and if you allow us, we would love to post it on our Website also, for more people to read, and encourage others to join in on our plans for the Next Global Day of Repentance. Just look towards the right of this page, and feel free to submit your testimony to us.   Please just include in your message whether you want to keep it unanimous, and if you would want us to post it on this website as well as the Global Day of Repentance Website or not….

And Yes, in case you are wondering – we are already making plans for our Next Global Day of Repentance – and we will announce it soon…!!!

Please keep a watch on our website and on FB, for all the information we will be releasing shortly…

REMEMBER: The Registration is still OPEN  and we have no intention of closing it for anyone who wants to join us …

THUS: you can still join us and become part of our Global Repentance Team – and add your name and information to the list. You will then also receive regular feedback via E-mail. So don’t think because you have missed out on May the 1st, it is now over or forgotten.  We are all in this together, and we are all joining hands with people all over the Globe to pray for our countries and Nations together…  It just started with Malawi, but it is definitely going to grow bigger from here. And if you want us to focus on your country specifically at some time, please let us know on the Global Day of Repentance Website.  The website is going to Expand and Grow from here, and you can become a part of the growth…

We would love to hear from you !!!

May God bless you all, and keep you safe in this crises time

‘Till we speak again

The National Repentance Malawi Team…


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