30 Days of Repentance Prayer and Fasting against Covid-19

30 Days of Repentance Prayer and Fasting against Covid-19

The National Repentance Malawi team has called for a 30-Days of Repentance Prayer and Fasting time against the Covid-19 virus – Started on the 8th of July till the 8th of August  –  Offering up Repentance and Intercessionary prayers for this virus to come to an end and that everyone who has the virus will immediately Be Healed and SET FREE from any symptoms and after effects of this virus…!!!!

And since we have called for this 30-days of Repentance Prayer and fasting we have already received a number of testimonies of people being the one day tested positive for the virus, and 2 days later, they were tested negative again..!!!

We praise God for Every Healing – and we trust Him for complete deliverance and for this virus to die and not spread any further within the country, and for all Lockdown Rules to be uplifted and for people to be able to move around freely as before… !!!

THUS: Please join us in our time of Repentance and Prayer for our Country !!!!


Please NOTE: We are not encouraging any irresponsible behavior during this time. Only that you are Interceding at home in your quiet time with Repentance Prayers and Fasting, crying out to God for Deliverance and Healing and Protection…!!!!



May God Heal and Deliver Malawi from all effects of covid-19 !!!


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