Join us in the Next GLOBAL DAY OF REPENTANCE – November the 3rd, 2020

Join us in the Next GLOBAL DAY OF REPENTANCE – November the 3rd, 2020

This coming Tuesday, November the 3rd, 2020, all USA citizens will be heading to the Polls, for their next Presidential Elections. And for us being part of the NAtional Day of Repentance USA network, movement and ministry, we invite you to join us on the Tuesday to also Repent and Pray through Intercession for the USA and for their upcoming Presidential Elections…

Just a Few Elections of the USA over the last 100 years have ever been this important, as this also will determine the future of Christianity, not just in the USA, but also throughout the World. As we know, whatever happens in the USA, also impacts the rest of the World, and can change things for all of us in every nation.

And it is also the Duty and Privilege of every Christian to Pray and Intercede for the Salvation and Deliverance of every nation around the world.

And once you have prayed for the USA, also spend an extra few minutes in prayer, Praying, Interceding and Repenting for Malawi, and all the nations of Africa, that God will also bring HEaling, Restoration and Forgiveness for Africa, and that He will send His Spirit of Revival to Malawi and the rest of Africa.

For more information, and to also register if you are planning on taking part in this Global Day of Repentance this coming Tuesday November the 3rd, please visit and let the Global Day of Repentance team know that you are joining them in Prayer and Repentance for the USA, and Malawi.

May God Bless America, Malawi, Africa and the World, and may Christianity overcome every obstacle and threat !!!

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