Latest Feedback on the Repentance / Jesus Farm – Balaka

Latest Feedback on the Repentance / Jesus Farm – Balaka

As you can remember that in December 2020, Rev. Edward wrote that he had received a revelation from the Lord, that they must start a Repentance / Jesus farm where they can plant crops from where they can produce and harvest food for pastors without food during this covid-19 lockdown periods.

You can read more about it here

Well, now in the beginning of March 2021 we can report back that God has definitely Blessed the Repentance / Jesus Farm in the midst of a Drought Season in Balaka…!!!

Rev Edward wrote last time that Balaka is always humid and late to get rains, although there were good rains in the area in 2020, at one stage we still feared that our farm isn’t going to deliver any crops, as many of the nearby farms had no crops to show because of drought in the area.

But we continued praying and trusted God for protection of our crops, as we didn’t just plant this field for own gain only, but to also supply food for pastors and their families that are suffering due to covid-19 shortages…!!

And today we can give God all the glory – and thank everyone for their prayers, and continued faith and support these past few months !!!

As Rev Edward and Ps Albert went to visit the farm in Balaka, on Monday the 8th of March, they were very happy to find that the crops were ready to be harvested..!!

And because there were now regular rains in the area, they immediately stepped in on Monday morning and harvested as much as they could, as the Maize was dry enough and before it gets damaged by the rains and termites..!!  Some of the crops were damaged by the weather already, but they still managed to harvest most of it…

They also managed to harvest the pumpkins as well..!!

Some of the Maize and Pumpkins were left at the Balaka farm for the upcoming Repentance conference planned for the 30th of April.

The peas are still on the field, and we are expecting it to be ready in June.

Everyone on the farm on Monday held a Thanksgiving Service afterwards, before they departed back to Blantyre to prepare the Maize in order to properly pack it into bags to be delivered to Pastors who are aged, or sick, or struggling for survival due to the pandemic…

See below for some photos of harvesting day, as well as the process today of drying the maize and putting it in bags.



Here follows 2 short letters from Rev Edward on the 27th of February after the final inspections, and on Monday reporting back on how their trip has been  – going to and coming back from Balaka farm…nothing short of miracle after miracle..!!!

With your support today made final Inspection of the farm in Balaka North with Albert! 

Praise GOD

We thank GOD for Pastor Jeff, Susan, Joseph, Debbie, Mind, Albert and ALL for the support in Jesus name!

There was a dry spell and termites for some time but people were asking why we were not affected that much
Pastor Mind used to answer that we used to pray for the farm
People thought we used charm, but it was prayer and Repentance
We pray to own this farm for future use

Harvest to be ready anytime as maize is dry

Mathew 6:33

Thanks for your prayers!
It was miraculous trip
We did not have transportation of our own
When coming back from the farm with maize Crop somebody gave us a truck at good cost to Balaka Boma

On the way, someone was walking on foot to Balaka without money we stopped by to pick him up and told him the Jesus farm story
Albert also witnessed a Motorbike rider who was a Muslim and he received Christ as His savior

At Balaka Boma when met a young man who was repairing a bicycle
We had to pray for Him for healing. After his healing he asked for salvation prayer and received Jesus!   Amen

Albert also prayed for a kid and her mum in car suffering from Malaria
Amen !!!


We give God all the Glory for His Faithfulness during this time…as many of the farms in the area and even throughout Malawi won’t harvest anything now in March..!!

Ps Mind’s eldest son also came offering his sweet-potato farm for use by the Repentance family.

We believe God is going to bless Malawi more and more, as the message of Repentance will continue to spread throughout the country, and eventually across the Borders !!!



Video received from Ps McPherson on the 1st of March, 2021, where their fields had failed to produce any crops, and they are facing another period of shortage and lack of food before winter..!!!


Thus, While we are celebrating with Rev Edward, Ps Albert & Ps Mind and the rest of the Repentance team of God’s Blessings this year, Let us also continue to keep the rest of Malawi in our prayers for all who are still suffering from hunger. Unfortunately this harvest isn’t big enough to feed everyone. But it will bring some relief to a few families…!!

Keep a look out on our website, as we will report back again soon, after the maize has been handed out as part of the Hope Chest/Glorybox initiative that was started in 2020…

May God Bless Malawi and Africa !!!

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