Cyclone Ana – Malawi Report

For those of you who don’t know as yet, Cyclone Ana has hit Malawi on Monday January 24th, and reaped havoc in its path…Buildings collapsed, many floods caused a number of bridges and people’s properties to be damaged or even flushed away completely…and they were without electricity for almost 3 days…

Many have lost their homes, due to the winds, and floods, and even a number of people have lost their lives in the process. People are desperate, and are crying for help and support. Many have had to go to Schools or Churches to find shelter…

And Cyclone Ana came just days after a previous weather storm has hit Malawi, and caused a lot of floods and damage already. Even our pastors and Bishops of National Repentance Malawi was impacted where their own properties have been damaged, and are in need of repairs and assistance as well.

National Repentance Malawi team have since Thursday the 27th, started visiting people, praying for them, and have tried to help and encourage where they can. They have also held a Repentance service on Saturday the 29th in Blantyre, where we received the church for free…with over 200 people, including Pastors, intercessors and many leaders and children came together for Prayers and Repentance. As Rev Edward has said afterwards, a spirit of Unity came over everyone, and they started praying for Unity in their Communities…

A National Day of Repentance and Prayers are being planned for Malawi, as well as the neighboring countries of Madagascar, Mozambique, Zambia & Zimbabwe who have all been affected by this cyclone.

If you can, Please support National Repentance Malawi in their quest to assist the victims, and helping with food, clothing or even help with building materials… and please don’t hesitate to either contact Rev Edward Mikwamba to make the necessary arrangements, or if you are in the USA, you can also contact Pastor Jeff Daly from National Day of Repentance, and he will ensure that every donation will come through to Malawi and the National Repentance Malawi team immediately.

As Ps Jeff has mentioned earlier this week, that there’s a blessing here to restore what cyclone Ana has wrought with a spiritual perspective based on the Anna we learn of in Luke 2: 36-38.

She was a prophetess; she literally lived on the temple grounds; she served God with fasting and prayers night and day,  and  “coming in that instant”  she gave thanks to the Lord, and she apparently saw the little baby as the Messiah, as Christ, as did Simeon. 

While the word “repentance” is not mentioned, clearly with fasting and prayers night and day she had to have used repentance also as a way to be a clean vessel, wholly devoted to God. 

She was waiting for the Kingdom of God.   [like Joseph of Arimathea in Mark 15:43].  

Lamentations 3: 25:  “The LORD is good to those who wait for Him, To the soul who seeks Him.”

This is also a message for everyone, from the young people in the OUT ministry to every Pastor and Leader in Malawi.  To Seek Him every day; being ready to respond to God’s Kingdom whenever He calls…. [and you don’t have to wait until you’re 80 years old!]

*** AMEN ***

Here are some photos from this week…giving an indication of the damage, as well as photos from the Repentance Service held in Blantyre on Saturday January 29th, 2020.

May God Bless Malawi,

As she continues to seek God in the midst of this Disaster…!!

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