Latest Feedback on the Repentance / Jesus Farm – Balaka

As you can remember that in December 2020, Rev. Edward wrote that he had received a revelation from the Lord, that they must start a Repentance / Jesus farm where they can plant crops from where they can produce and harvest food for pastors without food during this covid-19 lockdown periods.

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Well, now in the beginning of March 2021 we can report back that God has definitely Blessed the Repentance / Jesus Farm in the midst of a Drought Season in Balaka…!!!

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Repentance / Jesus Farm – Balaka (Feedback)

In December 2020, Rev. Edward wrote that he had received a revelation from the Lord, that they must start a Repentance / Jesus farm where they can plant crops from where they can produce and harvest food for pastors without food during this covid-19 lockdown periods.

You can read more about it here

Since then, PS Mind and his team has planted seeds of Maize, which has been growing over the Christmas period.

And Rev Edward and his team has been visiting the farm a few times already…

They already experienced their first miracles after planting the first seeds of Pumpkins and Maize…

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Message from Bishop Joseph – re the yOUTh training on the 23rd of December 2020

Full with the joy of Lord  we are counting down the hours  before Out  training in Lilongwe..

I listed a few things today as the we ask the youth to pray today on 22 December..

  1.  Protection to the youths who are coming  today and tomorrow   the roads of Malawi become dangerous in this festive season.
  2.  Pray for the youth to receive and be filled with holy spirit  during out training
  3.  Pray for facilitators  to communicate  well with the Youths
  4.  Pray for final touches  in our planning  – We are all believing God for successful Out training with the vision of having well established clubs all over the nation.
  5.  Pray that the groups will faithfully use translated  Take Repentance route in their groups.
  6.  Pray for youth leaders
  7.  Pray  for  provisions and the needs of Out international  and Malawi Day Of repentance


We want to invite you to also join Bishop Joseph and the OUT yOUTh of Malawi in the prayers for the Training tomorrow the 23rd of December, 2020.

We are trusting God for Supernatural Healing, Deliverance and Restoration of the Youth of Malawi, and that they may be walking in Victory and Boldness proclaiming the Name of Jesus !!!

AMEN – Hallelujah !!!


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Latest Events planned for December 2020

We have a number of events planned for December and January, between now and the 15th of January..

  1. The yOUTh will be gathering in Lilongwe on the 23rd of December, 2020 for another OUT International Training event
  2. Between Christmas and New Year, starting on Christmas day, we invite you to join us across the country of Malawi, where various clusters will be coming together for a Repentance and Prayer time, on various topics and Repentance and Prayer points, Repenting and Praying and interceding for Malawi, and the world.
  3. On the 15th of January, 2021, we will be meeting at Sangwe Trading Center : Nganu-Chikwawa for a day of Repentance and Prayers for Malawi, again, on various Repentance and Prayer points that requires our attention, and asking for Repentance..etc..

Please visit our Events Pages for both National Repentance Malawi events and the OUT International yOUTh for all the information of the relevant events coming up over the festive season.

There will be Something for everyone. We are catering for the young, the young at heart, and the ones that don’t know what to do or pray for over this Festive Season, but feel we need to pray and repent and intercede for whatever 2021 holds for us..!!

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Join us in the Next GLOBAL DAY OF REPENTANCE – November the 3rd, 2020

This coming Tuesday, November the 3rd, 2020, all USA citizens will be heading to the Polls, for their next Presidential Elections. And for us being part of the NAtional Day of Repentance USA network, movement and ministry, we invite you to join us on the Tuesday to also Repent and Pray through Intercession for the USA and for their upcoming Presidential Elections…

Just a Few Elections of the USA over the last 100 years have ever been this important, as this also will determine the future of Christianity, not just in the USA, but also throughout the World. As we know, whatever happens in the USA, also impacts the rest of the World, and can change things for all of us in every nation.

And it is also the Duty and Privilege of every Christian to Pray and Intercede for the Salvation and Deliverance of every nation around the world.

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OUT International is planning their next yOUTh Training day on October the 31st, 2020 in Dedza

We continue in our quest in obeying and fulfilling the Great Commission of our Lord Jesus Christ through the Ministry and Training of Repentance which our Father in heaven has placed in us His passion for young people..!!

Therefore we will be heading towards Dedza next on Saturday October the 31st, 2020 for our next OUT International yOUTh Training day.

Join us on the 31st @ 8:00 in Dedza..and come and find OUT what is Your Calling from the Lord Jesus !!

For all the upcoming events as well as all the feedback from past events, you can visit your yOUTh events page

Hope to see YOU  there !!!

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A Day of Repentance and Prayer Conference planned for November the 7th, 2020

Please join us on Saturday November the 7th, 2020 for a Day of Repentance and Prayers Conference in Blantyre, at the Mbayani Primary School.

We will be starting at 8:00am with Worship, and a message on Repentance, and thereafter we will be praying individually and corporately for Malawi and our People to be Saved, Healed and Restored from the impacts of the Covid-19 Virus Pandemic as well as some other prayer points.

We will release the Program for the day before the event.

Thus, keep an eye on the website for all the details.

Hope to see you there !!!

May God Bless Malawi..!!!



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57 Children Rescued from Human Traffickers in South Africa

The following Video is an extract from a news bulletin earlier this week in South Africa – after a number of children have been rescued in South Africa after they have all been abducted and kept hostage, for human trafficking purposes..

We need to urgently pray against this, as this is now becoming a very serious threat in South Africa, but also in Africa and across the world, as children are being grabbed from their parents arms and kidnapped or abducted from their homes, schools, even from cars, in restaurants, etc…in broad daylight…!!!

There are a number of syndicates involved in this, and people are offered large sums of money for every kid being delivered to them, so people aren’t even scared anymore to walk up to parents in broad day light to try and grab their children from them…and even wrestle with them for their kids…!!!

And the reason why we are sharing this video on this site, is also because the people involved in this case were from Malawi.

Thus we request that you will Please pray for God’s protection over all of our children in every country, Malawi, South Africa, Africa and the world…and also that anyone and everyone being involved in these schemes will be caught and brought to justice, and that the children will be delivered safe and unharmed to their homes and families, and the guilty parties will come to repentance before God of their sins…

Together we can fight this battle in the Spirit, and God will bring the Victory !!!


May God Protect our Children !!!

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