Bridal Hope Chest (or Glory Box) Initiative

Initiated by NDR USA

National Day of Repentance (NDR) USA has initiated a New Initiative in May of 2020 – called the “Bridal Hope Chest ” (also referred to as the “Glory Box”), to assist with funding for people in desperate need of food or medical assistance…etc. 

The Reason for starting this initiative, is because Ps Jeff Daly is often approached by Churches and/or Ministries across the globe, where Church Leaders are asking for Finances for their congregation members that are struggling and whom their churches can't always assist in meeting their full need, and thus need extra support from "someone else" in order for them to meet the need of their people.

THUS: Ps Jeff Daly have started the initiative where anyone from any country can donate towards this initiative, and then he will manage the distribution of the finances and/or food etc to the relevant Ministry in whichever country that has asked for funding.

Ps Jeff is also using Strict guidelines in this respect - and insist on proof from the ministry as well as what is their heart and belief towards Repentance.  For with a Repentant heart, people will be humble enough to know how to distribute the funds, food and or medical supplies, etc... and ensure that it will get to the people who are in desperate need...

The Reasoning behind the choise of the Name for this Project or Initiative, is because of the Church is Prophetically referred to in the Bible as the  "Bride of Christ" (Rev 22), and the "Bridal Hope Chest" is the USA Name for the chest that a young maiden would keep things in specifically for her wedding day...  And in Australia the Name for this chest is referred to as  "The Glory Box" - and thus the name of this Funding has been called the "Bridal Hope Chest / Glory Box" - THUS: Creating the Opportunity to Provide for the Churches in need, to feed and provide for their congregations in return...

And to launch this initiative, the National Repentance Malawi Team were chosen to bring relief to the ministries and churches in Malawi that have been identified with congregation members that are suffering from a lack or a shortage of food during this Covid-19 Lock-down time.

And thus this page has been created specifically for Photos, Videos and Testimonies of churches and their people that have received Food and Funds from this Bridal Hope Chest / Glory Box Initiative. 


Should you wish to make a donation towards this initiative, you can contact Ps Jeff Daly or Rev Edward Mikwamba, and they will assist you in how to make a donation....


We will also have a Donation Option available soon, that you can make a donation via the website. Please keep a watch on our website for more information soon to be released....


To God be the Glory for this Initiative !!!


Hallelujah !!


~~ AMEN ~~

Food Delivered to Ps Naomi and her family

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Bridal Hope Chest / Glory Box Initiative Started by NDR

Rev Edward Delivering Food, Funds and Books to Rev Julius in Dedza, for him to distribute and assist his congregation.

More on this  further below...

Bridal Hope Chest Deliveries over the week-end of May 28th to 31st, 2020


Rev Edward and Ps Julius in Dedza on the 28th of May

28th of May 2020

Rev Edward and some of the National Repentance Malawi team, visited Rev Julius in Dedza on Thursday the 28th of May, to bring him much needed relief for his congregation and community's  need in this pandemic times.  A number of bags of Corn(Maize), and some Finances were delivered to him, which he then distributed again on Monday the 1st of June.

Below are more Photos and a Video from the meeting between Rev Edward and Rev Julius Kachingwe.

Bishop Joseph from National Repentance Malawi team visiting Lilongwe Pastors

Today the 2nd of June 2020, The National Repentance Malawi team visited a number of Pastors and People in Lilongwe, taking food to many who are in desperate need thereof... and inspiring the community that God sees and cares about them...

Here are some photos and a video of their visit today...

Bridal Hope Chest Donations in Mzuzu

The National Repentance Malawi team also visited Mzuzu today, and delivered a number of bags of Maize to the people in desperate need of food.  

Below are some photos from the day's visit to Mzuzu.

Message from Bishop Joseph

It is true and serious when we went around in Lilongwe to visit and see beneficiaries of "Bridal Hope Chest"  to bless them with food which we bought through the funds you sent to us from NDR.

I agree with that scriptures with pain in my heart after knowing that we allowed other people perish and suffer because someone somewhere failed to hear from God.

I went to two beneficiaries, these are pastors who are members of MALAWI Repentance team. These Pastors are thankful to God for the "Bridal Hope Chest" support

Below is what they said to me in vernacular,  they are saying they never thought that today their families can smile. They thank God for remembering them and we are praying for those people who were obedient to God to help them with food in a time like this, on Repentance they are saying it's high time now to take seriously the vision of Repentance to reach out to other ministers to be part of this movement in MALAWI and Africa.

When l visited their houses and saw their families  l can conclude by saying God really spoke to Jeff on this "Bridal Hope Chest".

Testimony of Pastor Nkhoma  touched my heart:

The pastor Nkhoma has a touching testimony how his wife died in search for food , she went to Mozambique when they heard that there is an opportunity for business which she can do to help and support the ministry of her husband and the pastor agreed. But when she went there she never came back again. She fell in the well and died right there... All this happened in search for support of her husband's ministry and her husband never  saw the body (corpse) of his wife because she was buried there in Mozambique...

Men and women of God, it's true that without vision people perish.!!

"Bridal Hope Chest" has come because someone heard it from God our Father in heaven..!!

For our movement in MALAWI to locate Pastor Nkhoma was also a Divine Intervention.

Lastly thank you Ps Jeff and the team in USA for your obedience to His voice..!!!

Pastor Albert handing over a bag of Maize to Pastor Maxwell Juwawo's family

Testimony Received

From Ps Maxwell

Pastor Maxwell Juwawo sent a WhatsApp testimony this morning our vernacular chichewa to Rev Edward 

He deeply appreciates the sponsors of the Bridal Hope Chest / Glory Box Initiative for remembering his family with food.

He says it's not a simple thing to promise him food and to then give it to him.

He says this ministry is different..!!

He says people promised him many things before but he has never received anything.

He also thanked Bishop Joseph and myself (Rev Edward)

He says that normally when they receive donations from people, they monopolize from those donations.

But we were different, we just brought the food, and didn't expect anything in return.

Hallelujah !!!

Message from Rev Edward

When Pastor Jeff our spiritual Father and Leader in Repentance and Debbie, Sarah, Susan and Deon, Joseph and Moses prayed over the "Glory Box" initiative earlier this month, much did we know that it will make a spiritual impact to the needy in communities involved in Repentance

We thank all of those who have been giving towards the "Bridal Hope Chest" Initiative, and we continue to ask for more support as we are impacting the less privileged holistically.

I remember Jesus' words on Judgement day in Mathew 24: "...that I was hungry and you never gave me food..."

Amidst Covid-19 pandemic and fresh elections due in a few week's time,  Malawi's stable food maize or corn has become scarce.

We thank GOD as Malawi led the Global day of Repentance and the 30-day Repentance challenge ending on June 21st - Many lost souls at the Karonga District boarder with Tanzania have been saved and fed...

These conferences have also been held in Lilongwe, Dedza, Zomba, Mzuzu and Mzimba

One of the pastors at the Repentance Conference in Mzimba commented afterwards, after over hundred participants prayed for families and nations, that he thought Repentance was for dead sinners, but after Acts 6:3 team taught on Repentance he now understand that David became a friend of GOD due to Repentance.

Today the Bridal Hope Chest has touched spiritual and physical lives of Repentance pastors in Blantyre , Lilongwe, Dedza, Mzuzu, Mzimba and Zomba. Although some are missing from this list due to shortage of funds and thus others left behind in the districts mentioned above..

In Mbayani today, one of our Repentance leaders, Pastor Maxwell Juwawo, shed tears of joy when Albert and myself knocked on his  door to present a 50 kilo bag for him, his niece and a cousin who stays with him.

All are committed Christians but lack support..

Pastor Maxwell is also a pastor of a soul winning Church and an intercessor, he prays for the sick and win souls.

Last year September was a hard year for Maxwell. 

Upon hosting a USA white woman Pastor from USA, he did not know she would end up physically challenged.

Pastor Maxwell while he hosted the pastor they went to Zomba to preach the gospel with another pastor who was late due to an accident.

When coming back from Zomba, the American lady pastor insisted to drive the car to Blantyre

Mid-way the American pastor failed to negotiate a bend at Njuli trading center, and the car turned upside down.

Then the lady broke both her legs and was pronounced dead upon arrival at the hospital

Maxwell also broke both his legs and was in a coma for weeks...

Myself and others prayed for them that time...and I prophesied that they will discharge him within a few weeks. And they did.

I continued seeing him at home and prayed for him and assisted him, though with limitations

Today, together with Ps Albert, we made Maxwell's day when Albert and myself gave him a surprise gift of 50 kg gift from the Bridal Hope Chest..!!!

He says thanks for Pastor Jeff, Debbie and others for remembering them. 

He says with his ailment some members and pastors left him and other pastors were stealing his flock, thinking he will not live again but thanks to Repentance for prayers and support, he is still alive today.

Albert prayed for him and encouraged him.

We pray for more support, from the Bridal Hope Chest, so we can assist them and others even more...!

We Thank  Pastor Jeff, Sarah, Terry, the lady from Arizona, and others who contributed..

May GOD Bless you all !!!

Bridal Hope Chest / Glory Box

Testimonies Continues on....

Evangelist Hilda and her Family, very surprised and Thankful

Testimony from Evangelist Hilda Chingondo single parent in one of the squatter townships of Blantyre 

It was a miraculous day today (5th of June 2020) for Evangelist Hilda Chingondo, a single parent in one of the squatter townships of Blantyre and on of our members of National Repentance Malawi.

When she heard that Bridal Hope Chest / Glory Box staff (consisting of Pastor Albert and myself Rev Edward) we're "storming" her tiny home with a 50 kg bag from the Bridal Hope Chest/ Glory Box donations - consisting of our staple food of maize, she could not hold herself but shed tears of joy!

She said there are many Christians, but for the Bridal Hope Chest / Glory Box USA team to remember her, she has experienced GOD today - according to Mathew 5 v 8..!!!

She said Covid-19 has brought misery to her and her family, as since 3 months ago they have not earned anything at the school she teaches due to Covid-19

She thanked pastor Jeff and USA team for the generous support and prayed psalm 91 for people behind the Bridal Hope Chest / Glory Box Initiative..!!

She will now be able to feed and support her family for several weeks...!!!

Traditionally we are praying over the food for blessings to them that gives...

THUS: When we reached her home we asked people to carry the heavy bag of food into her home, but she then stopped us, saying the Bridal Hope Chest / Glory Box has energized her today and she will carry the bag alone into her food store..!!!


Then, while on our way back from Rev Hilda,  a lady driving past us, stopped by us to offer us a free ride, saying angels sent her to assist us with transportation for free..!!!

We believe we were shining with the love of Jesus like stars of heaven as the Book of Daniel says:  

Upon inquiring from the lady, she said she was a friend to Pastor Hilda...

Before we left, Pastor Albert prayed for her...

GOD is Awesome!

Below are some photos from Today's visit to Evangelist Hilda

Pastor Shiloh Receiving Food & Charcoal from Bridal Hope Chest / Glory Box Initiative

Today (5th of June 2020) the National Repentance Malawi team also visited Ps Shiloh and her family, and brought her a donation from the Bridal Hope Chest / Glory Box funds.

She has lost her husband in December due to cancer, and has find it hard to provide for herself and her family. Even the charcoal was depleted, and thus they couldn't prepare any hot meals lately.

The National Repentance Malawi team visited her today, and brought her some much need food and charcoal, so she can prepare food for her family again...

To God be the Glory for making a way for her to receive help in this time of desperate need...!!

It was all smiles today at Zomba as the Repentance leaders received a "shot in the arm" as they received a quarter ton of maize staple food from the "Bridal Hope Chest/ Glorybox" today!

Mathew 25:35 became real when pastors in Zomba saw the love of Jesus through the donations we have received from the USA today (9th of June 2020) 

Zomba is the old capital city but today it has police, army and education institutions.

With Covid-19 most of the leaders are also affected by food shortages.

THUS: It was time for the Zomba Repentance Leaders to be blessed with the "Bridal Hope Chest / Glory Box Donation"...!!!

Thanks Gracian, Moses, Bishop Tanaposi for your activeness in the Repentance Ministry..!!!

Our partners we all thank you for your generous support..!!!

Although, many Women and youths still lack food in Zomba.

Thus, We continue praying for more donations to come in, so we can also touch their lives with the Love of Jesus...!!!

May God Bless Malawi..!!!



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