Repentance Month 30-Day-Challenge – Program

Repentance Month 30-Day-Challenge – Program

Here follows our Program for the week-end of the 29th to 31st of May – as part of our Repentance Month 30-Day Challenge:



THEME VERSES; 2 Chronicles 7 v 14, 1 Timothy 4 v 12, Luke 10:19, Isaiah 41:10


Friday the 29th of May:

TEAM A  –  Consisting of  Bishop Joseph & Ps Naomi

  • To lead the Repentance Conference in Dedza,  Meeting up with Rev Julius.
  • Different Pastors of Different Churches are meeting up and Opening up to Repentance in the North

TEAM B –  Consisting of Rev Edward  and Pastor Albert

  • To meet up in Zomba with Bishop Gracian, Moses & Ps Chris
  • Leading and Opening up Repentance Ministry in the South


Saturday the 30th of May:

TEAM C – Consisting of Ps Naomi

  • Ps Naomi to lead the Woman’s Conference on Repentance at Lilongwe Botanical Gardens

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Global Day of Repentance – In Alignment with Pentecost Week

Global Day of Repentance – In Alignment with Pentecost Week, Focusing on the Youth

Join us for Another Global Day of Repentance

Please join us on the Evening of Wednesday the 27th of May for a 24hour Global Day of Repentance and Prayer – in alignment of Pentecost Week – and on the eve of Shavuot (“Feast of Weeks”), where we will be focusing specifically on our Youth – as they are the Future Generation, and in the Words of Bishop Joseph “Our God is a Generational God. When He speaks to you He sees the next generation after you…

Therefore, We want to invite you to join us in Repentance especially for the “error of forgetting the youth in the past” – and to focus in prayer for them that they will be “included” in all of the Work of the Kingdom, teaching them from a young age, what Repentance and Humbleness is, and how to Usher in God’s Kingdom into their Nation.

For more information – please view the Global Day of Repentance Website, where you can also register and stay informed with all our future plans… And Please also  Download the 24 Repentance and Prayer Points to assist you in what to Repent, Pray and Intercede for the Youth of Malawi… But not just for the Youth of Malawi, but also pray for all the Youth in every nation across the world. Let’s trust God, that through Repentance and Prayer, that He will touch the lives of every child, teenager and young adult and draw them to Him, creating a hunger in their hearts for Him, and start a Revival in the Earth through them…

THUS: To show our commitment to this Global Day of Repentance – we have also started an Events Page for the Youth of the National Repentance Malawi Ministry – where you can view all future events planned for the Youth of Malawi, in reaching and growing them through Teaching, Ministry and Repentance.

Please have a look at our new Page – and let us know what you think… And please come back on a regular basis and Pray with us, for each Event Planned…


May God Protect our Youth – and Bless the Nation of Malawi..!!!

~~  AMEN  ~~

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Malawi group hosting 30-days of repentance ahead of presidential election rerun

Malawi group hosting 30-days of repentance ahead of presidential election rerun

Gateway News has reported on plans the National Repentance Malawi Team has to initiate a 30-day Prayer and Repentance Challenge – to encourage the citizens of Malawians to pray for our country and for the upcoming elections on the 2nd of July 2020.

It has already been postponed from the original date that was set for the 19th of May and can not be postponed again because it will be outside the 150 days, according to the Court Ruling in February.

To quote from the Article:

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Please Pray for Kenya

Please Pray for Kenya

We have received an Urgent Prayer request from a Pastor in Kenya – Pastor Emily Chiteri, where they are in Dire need of Prayers and Support…

Here follows her message:

Pray for Kenya as we are in dark moments

    We have covid – 19 lockdown, locust and now heavy rainfall that have caused homes displacement

    It’s has broken many riverbanks around thus roads impassible from one place to another especially from town to our place
    Pray for Kenya schools are closed no church conference and meetings threatening to close churches

    Pray for us

    It’s time to P.U.S.H – It’s time to pray until something happen
    Until Corona virus is no more

    God help us all

Below are also some photos she sent through showing the damage from the rainfall…

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Feedback from our 1st Global Day of Repentance

Global Day of Repentance:


Feedback from our 1st Global Day of Repentance

We want to thank each and everyone Registering, Repenting, Praying and Interceding with us for Malawi as well as for all the nations across the world….!!!

We see it that it was A Very Successful First Global Day of Repentance on May the 1st, 2020.

We have received 540 registrations in total from 24 different nations..!!!

And we have already received various feedback of visions and Scriptures that people have received on the day, as well as seen some of the first fruits of the repentance prayers.

You can Read all about the Feedback here:  A Successful First Global Day of Repentance

If you have any Testimonies, or seen any signs or miracles of First Fruits from your prayers on the 24 hours of Prayer and Repentance from May the 1st, please don’t hesitate to let us know… We would love to hear from you, and if you allow us, we would love to post it on our Website also, for more people to read, and encourage others to join in on our plans for the Next Global Day of Repentance. Just look towards the right of this page, and feel free to submit your testimony to us.   Please just include in your message whether you want to keep it unanimous, and if you would want us to post it on this website as well as the Global Day of Repentance Website or not….

And Yes, in case you are wondering – we are already making plans for our Next Global Day of Repentance – and we will announce it soon…!!!

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24 hours Global day of Repentance – 1st May 2020

Join Us by Registering @


24 Hours Global day of Repentance

1st May 2020 from 12pm (CAT)   –   2nd of May 12pm (CAT)

As you may have noticed by now on other places on our website – a 24 hour Global Day of Repentance have been Announced to start on International Workers Day – May the 1st 2020, by the National Day of Repentance (NDR) USA ministry under the leading of PS Jeffrey Daly….

This day has been initiated in honor of Malawi and the National Repentance Malawi team of Pastors and other ministers who grew in various numbers over the past 8+ years, and carried the Torch and Preached the message of Repentance throughout Malawi, seeing God’s hand move on their behalf from and through their regular Prayers of Repentance and Intercession for Malawi, changing situations in their country, and protecting and sparing their nation from various perilous times in the past…  You can read more here about our history and where and how we started !!!

And thus – Now in the face of this Covid-19 Pandemic – we are all standing together again in unity and agreement before God, asking God for His Hand of protection yet again over Malawi – and to spare the people from the heartache and pain from this Pandemic. As we know our strength and Protection only comes from the Lord. And as the numbers of infections are slowly increasing in our country, we know only God can stop this Virus dead in its tracks and prevent it from spreading amongst the people, as it is very difficult for Malawi to go under full Lock-down as any of the other nations can do, as we will all starve of hunger if we aren’t allowed to go out and look for food every day.

Therefore, we invite you to join hands with us – and Register on the Global Day of Repentance Website – and let us know that you are praying with us and for us…

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Latest News on Covid-19 in Malawi

Latest News on Covid-19 infections in Malawi:

Below is a summary taken from the Statistics of the World Health Organization (WHO) – Website as at the 28th of April 2020.

There are now 45 out of the 54 Countries within Africa that are Infected by the Virus – But Malawi is still one of the least impacted countries…!!
Only 22 Countries that has less than 100 people infected and only 13 countries below the 50 mark – and Malawi being the 11th out of 12 countries below the 40 mark still…

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Repentance Program in Mbayani Blantyre – 27 April 2020

Repentance Program in Mbayani Blantyre – 27 April 2020

The National Repentance Malawi Team has prepared some Face Masks, Soap & Candies, from the Donations received from Ps Jeff @ NDR – and decided to have a full Repentance meeting at Mbayani, on the 27th of April 2020.

The People were very thankful for the gifts and the Masks, and after our prayers many were also delivered from witchcraft and other problems…

Below are some photos of the day….

If you can, please assist us with any size donation – big or small, as we need to reach the whole of Malawi with Face Masks and Soap to help the people stay free from COVID-19 infections.

Malawi can’t afford to get a high infection rate, as the medical system won’t be able to cope with the vast number of infections all at once, and people can’t live under lock-down rules, as they are living from hand to mouth on a daily basis.

We can only trust God to intervene on our behalf, and do what we can to prevent the spread of the virus as much as we can.

THUS: If you find it in your heart to make a donation of any size, please contact Rev. Dr. Edward Mikwamba, and he will ensure that every donation is put to great use, and supporting the people.

A Global Day of Repentance – planned for the 1st of May – has also been initiated by NDR USA to start praying for Malawi first @ 12:00 Mid-day CAT for 24 hours – where anyone can sign up and join in on the prayers – and follow a Repentance Prayer Program for your nation…

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COVID-19 – 39 out of 54 countries already affected – but Malawi still has no reports of any infections as at 26th of March 2020

COVID-19:-   39 out of 54 countries already affected…
But Malawi still has No Reports of any infections as at 26th of March 2020

As per the World Health Organisation (WHO) – there are 39 out of the 54 African Countries affected already by the COVID-19 Corona Virus, with 2100 cases reported throughout Africa, 31 people that has lost their lives and 100 people that has been recovered from the virus.

You can read more here on the WHO Website for Africa specifically…

BUT What We are Rejoicing about the most and is thankful to God that Malawi hasn’t reported any cases as yet with the Corona Virus…!!!

We can still freely move – just have some general restrictions applied by Government thus far, to prevent the virus from spreading in our country….

Graphic taken from the WHO Website as at 26th of March 2020

We are trusting God and will continue to put our full Trust and Faith in Him Alone, that He will protect our People and our Borders, and that no one that enters into our Country will come in with the virus. But instead that the Virus will just vanish when it is trying to cross our borders.

We are standing on 2 Chronicles 7:14:  If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land

THUS: We are praying and interceding continually for Malawi first, but also for every country in Africa that has been affected by this virus, as well as those who have lost a loved one because of the virus.

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