Upcoming Events for Repentance and Prayer for Peace Days


For the following month – We will be focusing on a


 21st May 2020 – 21st June 2020

We are encouraging all Malawians to Pray wherever you are – in your Homes, Workplaces, Mountains, Churches, anywhere you find yourself…

Pray, and Repent and Intercede for Malawi…Asking for God’s Protection and Intervention and Prevention of the spread of this virus…as well as for our upcoming elections the
2nd of July 2020

We believe that if the Word says the Following:

2 Chronicles 7 v 14  If My people, which are called by My Name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land. 

Then that is what we will be doing this coming month starting the 21st of May

Trusting God to see and hear from Heaven, answering our Prayers….!!!

We suggest that everyone committed to this 30 Days of Prayer and Intercession to abide by the following prayer times during this 30-Day Repentance Challenge, so we can stand in unity and agreement these 30 days:

5:00 – 6:00  in the mornings
12:00 – 13:00 in the afternoons
20:00 – 21:00 in the evenings

And if you are outside of Malawi, and your time zones are different to ours – we suggest that you still abide to these times within your own time zone – so that there will be more prayers throughout the day directed towards the Throne of God for Malawi…

May God Bless Malawi !!!

As Part of our Month of Repentance

17th of June 2020 

 Repentance MALAWI


Baptist Church


NOTE: Change of Date !!!

6th of July 2020 

Day OF Repentance 

Nkawela Village



We will see you all soon in Thyolo !!!

Events Being Planned
For the Next Few Months of 2020…!!

MAY 2020:  

– 1st to 2nd of May 2020 – Global Day of Repentance

21st MAY to 21st JUNE 2020

No Further Meetings are planned due to the Lock-Down –
We will communicate all further events after
the Lock-Down Period has been lifted…

Please Stay Safe – and Stay at Home


 August 2020: Southern Africa Prayer Summit at Lake Malawi Mangochi – Entrance Fee $200


Recently Completed Events

For Repentance and Prayer for Peace Days

24 Hour

1st of May 2020 12pm (CAT)
2nd of May 2020 12pm (CAT)

Please join us in this 24 Hour Repentance and Prayer time with various Countries and Nations from across the World, all Praying and Interceding for Malawi as well as  their specific Nation, Repenting for a Particular sin identified in that nation.

This day and event has been initiated and set aside in Honor of Malawi  and the National Repentance Team in Malawi of 8+ people who has been moving all across Malawi over the past 7+ years preaching and ministering the message of Repentance, and who have seen God move in their country on various occasions, and delivering them from various issues and perilous times in the past, and we are therefore also trusting God now in the midst of this Covid-19 Pandemic, to again Protect us all, and spare us from the heartache and disaster that this Pandemic is bringing.  We will not be able to overcome on our own, and we know that only God can save and protect us now..!!!

24 Hour Repentance and Prayer Points document has been set-up to guide everyone, as to when and for which particular sin will be prayed for…

For more information, Please Visit and Register yourself and your country on
the Global Day of Repentance website 

Unfortunately there won’t be a Zoom Call set-up for the day, as we just don’t have the capacity as yet to manage an event of this size. 

But please, don’t let this put you off from Registering and Praying with us and for us somewhere during the 24hours as well as for your country.  

For everyone that Registers on the site – we will be praying for you as well for protection and good health, and we will be in contact with you on a regular basis, with news and events from Malawi, and even beyond Malawi going into the rest of Africa…!!!

Also pray for us as the National Repentance Malawi Team, to be able to continue to grow in strength, capacity and ability as well as financially, in order for us to continue carrying the Torch of Repentance with the Power of the Holy Spirit…

Together we can Light the Fires of Revival through the Torch of Repentance…

Hallelujah !!!

May God Bless and Protect Malawi !!

~~ AMEN ~~


The 19th & 20th of

April 2020 has been suspended and only a few small prayer groups gathered at the Botanical Gardens on the day prior to the national Lock-down:  the 18th of April 2020


Botanical Gardens LILONGWE

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27th of March 2020


Day OF Repentance

Assemblies of God

DEDZA – West

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3rd of March 2020 – On Martyr’s Day

NATIONAL Day OF Repentance


Eastern Region



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8th of February 2020

1st Repentance for Prayer and Peace day

South Africa – Centurion

Complete !!!

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 15th of January 2020

1st Repentance for Prayer and Peace day


Complete !!!

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31st of December 2019

3rd Repentance for Prayer and Peace day 


Complete !!!

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22nd of November 2019  2nd Repentance for Prayer and Peace day


Complete !!!

19th of October 2019  – 1st Repentance for Prayer and Peace day – Mzuzu

Complete !!!

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