31ST JULY 2020

On Friday morning the 31st of July, the National Repentance Malawi team went to Balaka North with great Excitement and Expectations of what God has done for Malawi recently, and what He will do next…

We first came to Give Thanks to God for hearing our Prayers and giving us a Godly President, and allowing Righteousness and Justice to stand firm these past few months in our Beloved Country – Malawi..!!!

God has given us Peaceful Elections this year..!!  Although there were a number of times it looked like we are going to have lots of trouble in Malawi, but on the 23rd of June all was calm and peaceful in Malawi.

And we thank God for His Goodness and Loving kindness and Grace that He is showing towards Malawi.

And then as part of our celebrations we also prayed against the Covid-19 virus – forming a prayer chain commanding it to die and to leave Malawi and all of Africa, and for everyone that is sick to be healed and to become strong again. That there will be no more deaths, but that everyone will recover.

We also prayed against the spirit of homosexuality and witchcraft, and for unity in families, churches and Nations…

We had a Blessed day on Friday in the Presence of the Lord – and many came from all over to join in our celebrations – they came by car, taxi, on motor cycles, bicycles and even by foot to join us. And we are all so encouraged by what God has done for us.

And many ministries were represented on the day:

  • Catholic Church
  • Africa continent Mission
  • Full Gospel
  • African church
  • Rapha Holiness
  • African Evangelical church
  • Destiny Church
  • Zambezi Evangelical church
  • Anglican
  • Malawi Assemblies of GOD
  • Nazarene
  • Methoi church
  • Church of Christ
  • Agape Life church
  • Church of Christ

See below for some photos of the day…

People all over Malawi are now becoming hungry to hear more from God, and we have been invited to various areas to preach about Repentance, as they want to hear more… As they have seen that God does hear and answer prayer…!!

And if you have a testimony you want to share with us, please don’t hesitate to either send us a message by completing your details in the Message Box in the Right hand column, or you can send an e-mail or a WA message to anyone of us, and we will make sure that it gets posted on our Testimonies page as well as FB page  –  for all to share in God’s Goodness and Faithfulness…

We would love to hear from you !!!

                   May God Bless Malawi !!! 

6th of June 2020 - Youth Conference

On Saturday the 6th of June, Bishop Joseph Ministered to the Youth in Mangochi, Dowa at the Jerusalem Pentecostal Church, together with their pastor, Pastor Yosaphat Banda

Today’s meeting was a great success…  we had more than 80 young people at Dowa that turned up for the meeting.

These initiatives are very important as we continue spearheading the ministry of Repentance in our nations, seeing these young people energized and ready to follow in our footsteps..!!

After training we had Repentance prayers,  praying for MALAWI during this 30days of Repentance.

Below are some photos from the meeting:

Please continue to pray for our Youth !!!

Our Prayer is:  May God Touch and Heal everyone in Malawi – from the youngest to the oldest!!


~~ AMEN ~~

30-Day Repentance Challenge - End of May Weekend Conferences Through-out Malawi

Over the Week-end of the 29th – 31st May 2020 – the National Malawi Repentance Team held various Repentance conferences across Malawi – Mainly praying and interceding for the upcoming Elections on the 2nd of July, but also for all the Covid-19 Virus Victims, and that the virus will have limited spread within the nation of Malawi, and that there won’t be any more deaths…etc.. The Theme for the Week-end was:

Below are a number of Photos and even some videos taken of each meeting from the different areas within Malawi….
Please also visit our Testimonies page for some of the testimonies received from the Bridal Hope Chest / Glory Box Donations that were delivered to some of the ministries we visited during the week-end….
If you are reading this article, and have a testimony from this past week-end, please look on the right hand side of this page – and send us your testimony…We would love to hear from you, and rejoice with and share in your Blessings !!!

Overall this week-end was a Great Success

To God be all the Glory !!!

~~ AMEN ~~

Friday 29th of May:

Team A

Lead by Bishop Joseph & Ps Naomi – visited Rev Julius in Dedza

First they ministered and Prayed with over 150 Church Leaders that attended the Morning session..

And then Bishop Joseph and Ps Naomi also spent some time with the Youth, ministering and praying for them encouraging them…

Friday 29th of May:

Team B

Lead by Rev. Edward & Ps Albert – visited Bishop Grecian in Zomba

As per Rev Edward: ” It was great seeing the pastors,women, youth and children uniting in Repentance and Prayer at Rivers of Joy church in Zomba – the old capital city where pastors from over 15 denominations attended.

Everyone were barred to keep social distance space in the event because of Covid-19. 

One of the speakers, Pastor Albert Nkhoma a member of our Acts 6:3 team advised people to pray for peace as we go to the polls next month. 

He said Jesus Is author of peace and we need to pray for it. 

He advised church leaders to fear GOD more than Covid19

He also said that in the past people had different types of diseases and GOD healed them all. And He can do it now as well.

I also led Repentance point on immorality. As I said judgement will start from the House of GOD and we need to repent and pursue Holiness.

Quoting Psalms 51 and Psalms 138.  I echoed  through issue of Repentance in the body of Christ against witchcraft, immorality, fraud and envy.

The chair for Zomba Repentance Bishop Gracian Meya say they now understand the mission of Repentance and planning to reach out to many pastors. They say soon they plan to hold Repentance fasting prayers at national botanical gardens in Zomba”

Saturday 30th of May:

Team C

Lead by Ps Naomi – visiting the Ladies Repentance Team in Lilongwe – at the Botanical Gardens

Sunday 31st of May:

Team D

Lead by Rev Edward, Bishop Joseph and Ps Albert, visiting Mzuzu in the North on Sunday morning and  Ekwendeni-Mzimba on Sunday late afternoon – meeting up with Ps Blackson, Ps Justin, Stella and others…

It was Repentance Revival this morning with Rev Blackson Phiri at Apostolic Faith Mission in Mzuzu!  

We prayed for families and nations…

 I (Rev Edward) taught on Prayer and Repentance in Mathew 6. Rev Isaac then preached from Deuteronomy 28 v 52, and Pastor Albert taught on Obedience and Devotion to our Lord Jesus Christ for God’s Blessings to find and overtake us…

He said Repentance is the solution to all challenges.

Then this Afternoon, we went to Mzimba for Repentance Prayers. The Hall was full, and many people were healed.

The Lord Jesus Christ visited us during National Repentance Malawi day of prayer in Mzimba today..!!!

National Prayer and Repentance day – in Lilongwe – 18th of April 2020

In the Botanical Gardens of Lilongwe

In the car pooling from Blantyre to Lilongwe, we met a mother with about a two year old son complaining that her son Kelvin was born premature on 6 months!

The mother of Kelvin had to stay in the hospital then for six months…    After being discharged,  up to now, the baby spends sleepless nights and eat excessively and there has been little growth…

I asked Kelvin’s mother if I can pray for Kelvin for healing and the mother agreed as Kelvin spends most of his time crying..  I laid hands on him for healing and rebuked the spirit of infirmity in Kelvin and they both responded !!!

That’s Jesus!

I also Prayed for the mother who complained that she had to go home, as in her family there are many problems…  I gave her Psalms 46 v 1 and Luke 10 v 19

I had to preach in the car that we should not despair in the event of Covid-19 but look up to GOD!!

Upon our Arrival at the Botanical Gardens, we found there were about 30 different little “prayer clusters” in the gardens. I found this one cluster under Gethsemane Ministries, and introduced them to NDR. I then spoke a word to them that COVID-19 will Separate the goats from the sheep. The one lady ran to fetch a book to show me that they have received the same word in Hebrew language on the 4th of April…

There were also lots of monkeys during the retreat and one of them stole a cell phone from one of the intercessors, but not from out prayer cluster. The owner started throwing stones at the monkey, and the monkey then dropped phone, but it broke..!!

This spoke to me that the devil sometimes steal our Purity and Holiness, but After that we need to repent and get restored…

We were only 7 in total today during repentance conference but it was a powerful day !!

The Seventh person was Wilson Katsonya from the Government road traffic department. He paid for our entrance fees at the gardens…

And A certain woman provided her one ton lorry to free food stuffs that USA NDR bought for Us under Pastor Jeff.


Prayer and Repentance day – in Lowershire – 28th of March 2020

Ps Hussein Nguwo, held a separate Prayer and Repentance day in Lowershire on Saturday the 28th of March – at the Thabwa Primary School: Chikwawa District 

He feed back to us, that it was a wonderful day in the Presence of God.

Testimony received from Ps Hussein:  “We convened at one of our Government Primary Schools, and the Headmaster who accepted us to conduct our prayers, confessed that our Prayers have released spiritual blessings to the pupils who have been living in bondage.”

Hallelujah !!!

To God all the Glory

Repentance and Prayer for Peace day – DEDZA WEST – 27th of March 2020

Program for the Day:

The day started as a beautiful sunny morning in Dedza  – with excitement of what God is going to do today…!!!

And knowing the problems we are potentially facing with the Corona Virus, we made sure we will stick to the rules, of only making space for up to 100 people, and making sure everyone will be seated at least 1,5m away from each other…

With the prayer in our heart that no one attending today will be infected, but instead will walk out here today, Blessed and Strengthened in our faith by God’s presence and love today..

Prayer Points Covered:

During the service – Bishop Joseph shared the power and importance of Repentance – and lead everyone in prayer…
And then we all prayed for Malawi re the Elections and also for the Rest of Africa against the Corona Virus that it will not come to Malawi, but rather for people’s hearts to turn towards the Lord again, and that the Lord will see our hearts and hear our Prayers, and turn this virus and plague away from us..!!!

Final Notes:

Overall it was yet another blessed day, and everyone was fed with the word and also physically, and we were all strengthened in our Faith and our Trust in our Lord !!

If you have a testimony of this day – please don’t hesitate to share it with us – you can type in the message block on the right sidebar – and we will sure add it onto our website for all to ready, and to share in God’s goodness and faithfulness !!!

Hallelujah !!!

All Glory to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ !!!!

Malawi for Jesus !!!

Repentance and Prayer for Peace day – DEDZA WEST on 27th of March 2020

The team consisting of Rev Edward, Ps Albert & Bishop Joseph has arrived in Dedza last night (Wednesday the 25th), and has been ministering in the streets today (Thursday the 26th)…
We are Ready and Prepared for Tomorrow… 
Expecting the Presence of God to touch us and Heal us and leading us into true repentance and deliverance !!!

National Day of Repentance – Zomba 3rd of March 2020 (Martyr’s day)

Some Photos and Feedback from our meeting today

Program for the Day:

The day started as a beautiful sunny holiday in Malawi – with lots of excitement and expectations of what God is going to do today as well as in Malawi…!!!

We have recently seen how God is moving in Malawi through the court cases and the outcome from it all, as well as the setting of the New Elections Date on the 19th of May.

Everyone is now more hungry for God in Malawi, and realizes that without God, Malawi will not be the same anymore.

We need to come back to God as a country – and repent from our past sins and pride, and make room for God…

THUS the reason for today – we are all willing to humble ourselves, and instead of just celebrating another Martyr’s day – we chose to come before God today – and bow before Him as representatives of the nation of Malawi and repent before God and confess to each other and lay down our old ways, and hear what God wants us to do…

And shortly after arriving at Annies Lodge, People started coming from all areas, and started streaming into the room at Annies Lodge – and a point we wondered if we will have enough room for everyone to sit comfortable…!!!  We had to quickly move tables around, and arrange for more chairs…etc..

This really increased the excitement as this is what we have been praying for, for a very long time – that the People’s hearts will start turning back towards God again, and that they will come on days like these and pray with us…!!!

And what a day it’s been…!!!

Jamal Prince Jamal also came and did some recordings of the proceedings and some interviews with the leaders – and you can listen to the broadcast program loaded on SoundCloud  from “Season of Repentance”  program on  Blantyre Synod FM 91. 4 Fm recorded on Wednesday night the 4th of March…

Prayer Points Covered:

During the service – Bishop Kazembe & Bishop Meya together with Ps Albert all shared 
in the messages for the day – and lead the people into various Repentance prayers first…
And then we all prayed for Malawi re the Elections and also for the Rest of Africa against the Locust plague as well as against the Corona Virus that it will not come to Malawi, but rather for people’s hearts to turn towards the Lord again, and that the Lord will see our hearts and hear our Prayers, and turn all these viruses and plagues away from us instead as He promises in His word that He will do…

Final Notes:

Overall it was one of our best events as part of the National Repentance team of Malawi – and we are now looking forward with much excitement and even more Anticipation to the 27th of March, when we are going back to Dedza West again with Ps Julius…

You can view it all under the Events page – as well as the Blog page where we have placed all the information already for the 27th.  Dedza is also taking this message with the Fire of God in their hearts – and we want to continue building into Malawi what God has started in our country and all of the various regions..

You can also view all the testimonies and feedback already received on our Testimonies page..

And if you have a testimony of this day – please don’t hesitate to share it with us – you can type in the message block on the right sidebar – and we will sure add it onto our website for all to ready, and to share in God’s goodness and faithfulness !!!

Hallelujah !!!

All Glory to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ !!!!

Repentance & Prayer for Peace day at 

Centurion – South Africa 

8th of February 2020

Some Photos and Feedback from our Visit in Centurion 

Program for the Day:

  • Arrival and welcoming
  • Praise and Worship
  • Opening prayer
  • Message on Repent: Edward Mikwamba
  • Message on Repentance. Apostle Susan
  • Tea Break
  • Worship Song
  • Intercessory prayer

Prayer Points Covered:

  • Repentance point 1. Pride and humanism
  • Repentance point 2. Homosexuality and Abortion
  • Repentance point 3. Sexual perversions, alcohol and drug abuse
  • Repentance point 4. Killing and abductions
  • Repentance point 5. Corruption
  • Prayer point 1. Salvation of south Africa and revival
  • Prayer point 2. Unity among church leaders
  • Prayer point 3. Safe south Africa roads
  • Prayer point 4. Economy
  • Prayer point 5. Praying for families and sick people

Final Notes:

Overall it was yet again a very successful visit and meeting in Centurion South Africa, with the team from Cry of an Eagle Revival Ministries – Apostles Deon & Susan Hammer..!!! 

Apostle Susan had a teaching she shared with us on the Process and Importance of Repentance, which we really want everyone to hear and read…!!!!

And although we were a small group of only 5 with lots of resistance from the Enemy trying very hard to demotivate us, to cancel the meeting, we pushed through – and we can confidently say “God was Present” – as we had an awesome time in God’s presence.

We could feel that we are coming against many strong holds, and afterwards we could see that we made an impact through our gathering and prayers. 

Even some Dams and roads were flooded around Pretoria just for the day – which we see as a manifestation of Spiritual Realm confirming that change has been stirred in South Africa.

We trust God that we will still see the impact of our visit long after today…

To God all the Glory !!!


Amen !!!

The Repentance Banner:

We are sad to say that The Repentance Day Banner has gone missing on the Inter Cape Bus during Pastor Edward’s Return to Malawi on Monday the 10th of February….

THUS: We are appealing to everyone reading this message and have seen this banner mentioned above anywhere – to please contact Rev Edward !!!

Let’s work together to get the Banner back to him before the 3rd of March…!!!

It is useless in any one else’s hands  –  it is only of value and can only serve its purpose when it is in the place what it was made for..!!!

We know – With God anything is possible – and we are trusting God that whoever has this banner will read this post and return it to Rev Edward..!!!

AMEN !!!

Repentance & Prayer for peace day at Chimbiya Dedza – 14-15 January 2020

Some Photos and Feedback from our visit in Chimbiya as well as Today’s main event !!!!

Children first singing and saying Thank You to Jesus for their food, before they eat..

Prayer Points

We have seen many people suffering from hunger – as a bag of Flower is very expensive. 

We also felt led to pray for the weather to clear up – as it has been raining on and off since end of December already – and we had some heavy rains today as well during our service.

We also prayed for the Economy, for Families to be strengthened and to come to Jesus, and for Church Unity in and around Dedza as well as the rest of Malawi.

We have also taught leaders on the importance of giving, and to give to churches and nations, for God to open up a blessing for them.

Please also pray with us for Ps Julius Kachingwe as the Newly appointed Repentance Coordinator for Dedza, for him to hear from the Lord as to what he needs to do in his community, and to support him in his work of the ministry.

Final Notes:

Overall it was yet again a very successful visit and meeting in Chimbiya – Dedza..!!! 

Various People came to Jesus Christ, and received Him as their Lord and savior, and many were healed, and encouraged by our visit.

We trust God that we will still see the impact of our visit long after today…

To God all the Glory !!!


Amen !!!

Repentance & Prayer for peace day at Chikwawa – 31 December 2019

Some Photos and Feedback from Today’s meeting !!!!

Ministries represented at the Repentance and Prayer for Peace Day in Chikwawa 

  • Living Hope Church
  • Agape
  • Assemblies of God
  • Nazarene
  • Kalibu Kwa Yesu (Welcome to Jesus)
  • Kingdom Gospel Church
  • Hope for Africa Missions
  • Brethren Church
  • Christian Covenant Church
  • Open Doors Baptist Church
  • New Gospel Church
  • Pentecostal Assemblies of God
  • Time of Repentance Church
  • Revival Pentecostal Church
  • Chilomoni Nazarene
  • Rapha Holiness Ministries

A New Committee of Repentance was formed today @ Chikwawa.

They will hold Repentance Prayers on a monthly basis

Prayer Points

The Holy Spirit revealed that we should be praying especially against Pornography…!!!

Final Notes:

Overall this was a very successful day.  Various Ministries represented, and all was very open to what God is planning for Malawi.

Lowershire has also formed their own committee today on their own – trusting God for Revival in their region…

We give God all the Glory !!!

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