Rev. Dr Edward Mikwamba

National Repentance Malawi has been a blessing, healing and restoration to individuals and many families and even nations with its concept verse of 2 chronicles 7:14

As one of the leaders in the repentance movement, GOD has increased my faith and gifting in prayer and repentance ministry

I believe a prayer of faith and repentance protects us – as stipulated in Luke 10:19 that we have been given power to tread upon the snakes and scorpions and to overcome every power of the enemy.

Repentance Mission in Mozambique – Experience

I vividly recall in one of my repentance missions in Mozambique, I stopped at the boarder and visited a pit latrine, (in other countries like USA they call it a restroom) but this was a dug toilet where I wanted to relieve myself or rather Respond to the Call of Nature.

I did everything to relieve myself and I was comfortable. After doing the deed, I wanted to pull up my trousers, when I looked back I saw a big Black Cobra doing snakes and ladders. I was in disbelief, and filled with shock and awe. I just jumped out of the toilet and zipped from outside. The Big snake then rolled back into the pit latrine where its home and food was. If it bit me that day, I could have been dead at once.


God can Protect you

BUT GOD protects US through His angels and Holy Spirit –  the secret being 3-fold: Fearing GOD, Repentance and Prayer.

Dear Reader you might be in a state of shock because of your situation, but trust GOD, He can protect you and He does. Your prayer closet helps, whether personal, family, church or nation. It brings healing and restoration..!!


Ministry on the Intercape Bus:

The other testimony is of ministry in South Africa – in particular on the Intercape Bus. Am always asked to preach and pray for people in the BUS. Other passengers thought I worked for Intercape, but I told them that I minister under National Repentance Malawi, and under one anointed Man of GOD  – Pastor Jeff Daly..!

In the bus I prayed for people, and they got healed in Jesus Name… as the Bible says we shall lay hands on the sick and they will receive their healing..

This comes through Repentance and Prayer life. Having time to pray and repent as an individual helps us to catch the Repentance Fire. People see us glowing with glory! Without telling them, they know we are men and women of GOD!

They shall know Us by our fruits!

My time of repentance at our home with my family, my wife Edna and our children has not been in vain. GOD has protected us from witchcraft, diseases and accidents. Our last Born son Phillip is a repentance prayer warrior! He prays for our safety and protection in Jesus name! To Him he believes in the power of the Holy Ghost Fire!!

My Wife Edna wakes up at 2am daily, to pray and repent and it has become a culture in our family. This gives us discernment and wisdom and to receive revelation from God..!!


Executive Lady Healed in Restaurant

Another incident of a testimony was few months ago. I entered in a local food restaurant in Blantyre. I found an executive lady lying on the floor after chocking on her food – chicken and chips. The waiters ran away from her thinking that she was dead, but she was only in a coma!

The Holy Spirit told me to go and lay hands on her for her healing. With boldness from the Holy Spirit, I Laid hands on her and prayed for her and she received her healing and stood up…!!!

We thank GOD Jehovah Rapha.

Hallelujah !!!


Young lady with Tumor on her face got healed

Another incident was when I saw a young woman going to hospital with her mother. She had a big tumor on her face. With repentance fire I stopped her, and asked her the problem. She was bleeding on her face,  meaning it was cancerous.  I prayed for her and touched her, and the Holy Ghost Fire helped her, and she received her healing. Our GOD is Great !!

When we repent and pray, GOD will use us to minister in higher places. With repentance fire I have ministered to Doctors, Nurses, Business people, politicians and executives. GOD gives Us wisdom when we ask HIM..!!!


Civil War in Mozambique ended after we prayed

Another testimony is about the civil war in Mozambique that erupted and ceased.

When we received the report, I contacted pastor Jeff and went with Bishop Jameson Masamba to Mozambique. We stayed for few days in prayer. Intercessors of other provinces joined us for a week.

After our prayers that week on the Sunday there were heavy rains. (A sign of answered prayer is normally rain, sunshine or peace in the heart)

On Monday we heard that the Mozambique president – then Almando Emillion Geubuza – called for a ceasefire.

Our GOD answers prayer…!!


Police Officer Received Jesus at the Border Post

Another testimony was about 2 years ago,  I was on my way to attend a Global Prayer Conference in South Africa. Upon reaching Beitbridge Boarder post, one of the police officers knelt before me, saying that he feared death big time. I prayed for him, and he received Jesus and had peace in his heart afterwards.


Repentance Fire was seen coming from me…

When ministering in streets of South Africa, Twice I’ve met thugs on the street,  but with Repentance and prayer anointing they couldn’t pull the trigger, and fled from me.

I remember in a bank, few months ago, while waiting to get a work permit, I prayed for one with stomach ulcers and another one with bad headache, and they both received their healing.

They all agreed that they saw Repentance Fire coming out of me..!!


Repentance Prayers  have brought a difference in various areas within our Repentance Team as well as in our Country…

One of the drivers who helps our ministry with transportation today, was half dead from sickness when we met him, and we prayed for him and he is still healthy today..

Rev Sylvester Chabuka who started Repentance with us, had struggled for a job for some time, but after Repentance prayers, He is now a principal of a Christian University… You can read all about it on our Testimonies page, where he share his testimony with us, earlier this year…

He now supports our ministry at times

We have prayed during our Repentance Conferences in 2019 here in Malawi for our elections court case and GOD answered us. People expected there could be war from the corruption, but God kept our country at peace.

We have also prayed for rains and GOD gave Us Rain…

We are now praying against Covid-19 and people are getting healed..!!!

We thank GOD for all of these testimonies…!!!


Our Repentance Ministry is Growing

We have done Repentance crusades with thousands of people attending all at once.

Our ministry has given food to the needy and clothing including Bible studies, and supported the poor with Face Masks and Soap to help keep everyone safe during this Covid-19 period.

Our Repentance ministry growing big on the radio stations as well as the news now too

We now have our own website !!

And Recently we led the world in Repentance and Prayer through Global Day of Repentance and over 500 people from 24 different nations joined us in prayer on the 1st of May 2020.

And we are about to lead the world in another Global Repentance project – this time for the Youth – on the 27th of May 2020!!!


And we thank you all for your support and prayers..!!


To God Be All The Glory !!!

~~ AMEN ~~

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