Re-Elections Date for Malawi Presidential Elections – Has Been Announced !!!

Praise God !!!

The Re-Elections Date for Malawi Presidential Elections – has been set for the 19th of May 2020…!!!!

Below is a video of the Opposition Party Celebrating the outcome of all their efforts to remove corruption from the government…

Please keep Malawi in your prayers – that God will be with us all – and that the Elections will be Free and Fair without any further corruption – and that God will receive all the Honor and the Glory !!!

We invite you to come and pray with us for the Elections on the 3rd of March – as part of our National Day of Repentance Event at Annies Lodge – in ZOMBA !!!


Let’s take Malawi for Jesus !!!

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Latest News on the Elections in Malawi

Latest News on the Elections in Malawi

Following up on our last Post regarding the Court Ruling nullifying the the Elections of May 2019…  We have again seen God moving within our Beloved Country Malawi’s behalf – as the current Ruling Party were Appealing the Court’s ruling, but the Appeal Court have dismissed it – and thus the New National Elections are continuing as planned…

Below is a News Paper Front Page of the Outcome from the Appeal…

Court Rejects the Appeal

Rev Edward has also been going around in Blantyre, praying for people during this time, and one Soldier replied to him: “I need your Jesus”…

People are starting to see God is moving in the country, and many are coming to repentance before God, asking to receive Jesus in their lives…

We give God all the glory !!!



AMEN !!!

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Repentance and Humbleness before God brought the Victory !!

Repentance and Humbleness Before God Brought the Victory for Malawi..!!

After serious prayers during various “Repentance and Prayer for Peace Days” held throughout Malawi for the Court Ruling to be Righteous after all the unrest within Malawi because of the Elections on the 21st of May 2019, the court has declared the Elections Void on Monday the 3rd of February 2020…!!

Below are some photos of our prayer times, and the court Ruling etc…

The court also ordered new presidential elections to be held within 150 days (5 Months) from now –  for the Nation of Malawi to decide on the New President for the next 5 years…

This ruling comes after various strikes, and many riots within the country, as well as attempted bribery of some of the Judges.

Various people have since been arrested for fraud and corruption these past 2 weeks…!!!

We praise God, for this is clearly His hand in the process – and we know He has shone His Light on all the proceedings, and gave the judges the courage to stand their ground in this judgment…

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