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Latest Feedback on the Repentance / Jesus Farm – Balaka

Latest Feedback on the Repentance / Jesus Farm – Balaka

As you can remember that in December 2020, Rev. Edward wrote that he had received a revelation from the Lord, that they must start a Repentance / Jesus farm where they can plant crops from where they can produce and harvest food for pastors without food during this covid-19 lockdown periods.

You can read more about it here

Well, now in the beginning of March 2021 we can report back that God has definitely Blessed the Repentance / Jesus Farm in the midst of a Drought Season in Balaka…!!!

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Repentance / Jesus Farm – Balaka (Feedback)

Repentance / Jesus Farm – Balaka (Feedback)

In December 2020, Rev. Edward wrote that he had received a revelation from the Lord, that they must start a Repentance / Jesus farm where they can plant crops from where they can produce and harvest food for pastors without food during this covid-19 lockdown periods.

You can read more about it here

Since then, PS Mind and his team has planted seeds of Maize, which has been growing over the Christmas period.

And Rev Edward and his team has been visiting the farm a few times already…

They already experienced their first miracles after planting the first seeds of Pumpkins and Maize…

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Summary of Repentance Ministry Events: 28th May – 2nd June 2020

Summary of Repentance Ministry Events: 28th May – 2nd June 2020

To God be all the Glory – We had such a great time in God’s Presence these past few days…!!!

We had planned a week-end of Repentance throughout Malawi over the week-end of 29th to 31st May – and included in our visits the chance of bringing change to pastor’s lives through the donations we have received from the Bridal Hope Chest / Glory Box initiative  started by Pastor Jeff Daly from National Day of Repentance and the Woman’s Repentance Group in Corpus Christi, Texas, USA.

But God had changed this into an even bigger event than what we have planned originally. As during these different Repentance meetings, we experienced God’s Presence and Glory, and we have seen many lives touched and changed. People are understanding the Power of repentance and intercession, and are praying more now than before, interceding for Malawi, and our upcoming elections and even the Covid-19 Pandemic.

We have created a video (see below) that summarizes the different events, featuring some of the lives that have been changed by the food distribution amongst various pastors in each district, who in return could help various members of their congregations. Thus touching many lives, and bringing back faith and hope and trust in God’s provision…!!!

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Latest News on Covid-19 in Malawi

Latest News on Covid-19 infections in Malawi:

Below is a summary taken from the Statistics of the World Health Organization (WHO) – Website as at the 28th of April 2020.

There are now 45 out of the 54 Countries within Africa that are Infected by the Virus – But Malawi is still one of the least impacted countries…!!
Only 22 Countries that has less than 100 people infected and only 13 countries below the 50 mark – and Malawi being the 11th out of 12 countries below the 40 mark still…

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When Hunger Continues Biting…

When hunger continues biting more assistance save one is better than losing all even 1 can make a difference.
Dependence on pumpkin for survival is actually retrogression as, before it, the community was relaying on mangoes which are fast getting out of season and no longer easy to get.

Fyness Nachuma, a single mother of seven, from Girmission village told us this week that the pumpkin leaves are boiled and taken as breakfast, lunch and super.

“The situation is dire here. We literary have no food. Before now, we could prepare elephant beans (kalongonda) for sell but those beans are no longer in season too. And it is so difficult to get anybody who can give us work for money to buy food,” she said.

We also met Modesta Chitokoto. She is aged 74. She lives with her husband who is much older and critically ill. She tells us that touching story,

As we continue praying for this situation let us help those we can to save lives
Bishop Joseph


Please contact Rev Edward Mikwamba for any donations…

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Dedza Famine, and floods in the Eastern Region of Malawi – URGENT SUPPORT NEEDED

Dedza Famine, and floods in the Eastern Region of Malawi – URGENT SUPPORT NEEDED

As we have reported already on another post, various areas in Malawi is suffering with floods, washing everything away,  now other areas are suffering from hunger and famine again…

Food has become expensive, as most of the crops have been washed away in the various floods over this past year, and it takes years to restore the ground to what it was before after such a flood, before they can grow any new crops again…

We have received word of a family of 6 in Ntcheu that have died because of eating poisonous berries from a bush in an attempt to stop their hunger pains…

Thus, we are asking for anyone that can, to please make every effort to make a donation towards the problems everyone in Malawi is facing at present…!!!

Ps Jeff Daly from National Day of Repentance has already pledged $200 towards this need, and has asked that we write another post on this website also, requesting for donations..

And Rev Edward Mikwamba, is already moving around the country handing out food parcels to as many people as he can from donations already received, as well as from his own ministry. He was also in Dedza this week, handing out food parcels from the donations he has received thus far.

You can view our Testimonies and Gallery Pages for more photos and feedback on the latest handouts.

Below are some more photos we have received from Ps Grecian Meya re the situation in Malawi this week. As you can see houses have collapsed, even his parents house has collapsed in the rain, and in the below video, people are moving around in boats trying to save whatever they can, where there once was crops growing….

THUS: Please contact Rev Edward Mikwamba on WA +265 881 11 1076 , or you can call him on:   +265 999 93 8893  to make arrangements.

Everything received will be handed out as quickly as it is possible…

We thank you for your support and Pray God’s blessing over you for a rich harvest !!!

In Jesus Name

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30 Flood victim families received support 4th & 5th Jan 2020

As the rains continue to fall, it is posing a threat to many lives and property in Malawi. A number of bridges have been flooded and some are washed away, making it difficult for people to reach each other…

In Lilongwe over 400 houses fell down due to heavy rains that started on New year’s eve
And in the Ntcheu District hundreds of families homeless after the rains…

We implore for more Intecessionary prayer but those who can assist with money for relief items please contact Rev Dr Edward Mikwamba to make arrangements…

Rev Dr Edward Mikwamba, National Coordinator for National Repentance Malawi, together with Pastor Albert Nkhoma Deputy National Coordinator for National Repentance Malawi were handing over maize flour, salt and food snacks to 30 affected families and 150 needy children in Mbayani township Blantyre today (4th of January 2020)…
Support went to people of different denominations and faith…

And on the 5th of January – Rev Edward & Ps Albert went out to the Mangochi District – for prayers and Food handouts.

But many more are still needed…

Please see some photos of the much needed handouts… on these 2 days…

Also see our Testimonies page – for some Testimonies during our visit to these areas…

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Prayer and Support needed for latest Flood Victims

Urgent Prayer and Support Required

For Malawi Victims in the Lilongwe & Lowershire areas.

We are calling on anyone that can for assistance – or just offer a prayer for the Victims, as it is getting serious..

It has been constantly raining this whole week – and floodwaters are causing serious problems

Malawi weather warning issued: Heavy thunderstorms, mores floods

Please see the following video and photos below – all taken today…  And it is still raining non-stop.

THUS: If you can find it in your heart to please assist, we will assist the relevant residents with – Prayer first, and also Plastic Pails, Containers, Bibles, plastic and/or second hand Roofs, to help them stay dry, or any clothes or other necessities we receive.

For any donations, please contact Rev Edward who will manage everything, and make sure that the victims will receive all the support they can get in this difficult times…

We really hope to hear from you soon..!!!



You can also read more about the flooding problems Malawi has been struggling with for quite some time.

Malawi is in desperate need and assistance to work on the prevention of flooding – as it is costly to repair the flooded areas, and it is causing more and more families being on the streets, as they are loosing everything during these floods, and can’t go back to their land to repair the damages afterwards…


Thus Serious Prayer is required for Government for Funding and Assistance to help the country to rise again and for every citizen to have their land back, and to be able to provide for their families again…

Thanking you all for every prayer and provision and support…

To God be the Glory in the midst of these circumstances…


2 Chronicles 7 v 14  If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land. 

AMEN !!!

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