Latest Feedback on the Repentance / Jesus Farm – Balaka

Latest Feedback on the Repentance / Jesus Farm – Balaka

As you can remember that in December 2020, Rev. Edward wrote that he had received a revelation from the Lord, that they must start a Repentance / Jesus farm where they can plant crops from where they can produce and harvest food for pastors without food during this covid-19 lockdown periods.

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Well, now in the beginning of March 2021 we can report back that God has definitely Blessed the Repentance / Jesus Farm in the midst of a Drought Season in Balaka…!!!

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Please Pray with us for the following upcoming events

Please Pray with us !!

As you probably have noticed already – our next event is just around the corner..!!!

i.e. on the 31st of December we will having a Repentance & Prayer for Peace Day in Chikwawa from 9am to 1pm.

We need every intercessor to please pray with us, for God to move, and to help every pastor and leader attending the day, to come to the understanding of what True Repentance means and the real purpose behind it, as well as how to intercede for their own communities to come to true repentance.

We want to reach the whole of Malawi for Jesus – and also move beyond the borders into the rest of Africa…

And this only happens when all pastors and leaders can come into agreement and unity of coming back to God and His Word.


Then from there, our next meeting is planned for the 15th of January 2020 – in Dedza

After that – Rev Dr Edward Mikwamba is planning his next trip to South Africa in February where he will be meeting with Apostles Deon & Susan Hammer from Cry of an Eagle Revival Ministries, and some of their ministry friends to intercede for South Africa….

Following that we have already booked an Easter Repentance and Prayer Conference in Partnership with Citizens of Heaven MinistryTheme: Healing and Restoration

And in August 2020 we will be having a Southern Africa Prayer Summit at Lake Malawi Mangochi – Entrance Fee:  $ 200.


Please pray with us for each event, for God’s Blessing and Favor upon the guest speakers and their teams involved…!!!

And if you find your way open to come and volunteer, support or just want to attend one or all of these meetings, please don’t hesitate to contact Rev Dr Edward Mikwamba, and he will give you all the details as to how to get involved, etc…

We need as many pastors and Christian Leaders to come together and take hands and work together. As this is an inter-denomination event, and is all about bringing people back to Jesus and the Kingdom of God…!!!

Let’s take Malawi and the rest of Africa for Jesus !!!

Hallelujah !!!!


AMEN !!!

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