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Here we will be listing all testimonies we receive from our meetings…

Thus, if you have a testimony from attending one or more of our Repentance and Prayer for Peace weeks / meetings, please can you forward it to Rev Edward, and he will make sure that it will be placed on this page for all to see and read…!!!


Testimonies received from Youth OUT Training

As you know by now, as part of the National Repentance Malawi team, Bishop Joseph is running with a Youth Training Program where he and his team are moving from one District to the next, on regular occasions and training the Youth regarding Repentance. And we have received a number of testimonies from these youths already…

Here are a few we’ve received Recently:

October 10th, 2021 – Tamanda

I’m Tamandani Mlongoti, a young lady with a vision & also pursueded by Youth Out International, Youth Out has helped me a lot especially spiritual life, I remember we had a training at Msambachikho  area 38 where a captured several things that I applied in my life which indeed has brought impact in my spiritual life, we led 1 Samuel 3:1-14 where it talks about The Vision of Samuel 

So by explaining how consistent  Samuel was in the presence of God and even in the presence of Elie too This helped Samuel’s dream to be accomplished And so is my life. Once I got this teaching my Spiritual life changed where by I made up mind to be consisted to God all times and I have seen some of my behaviors has changed now I know where I’m going and what I’m doing in order to accomplish my desired destiny. And not only that, I also learn about family issues, community issues based in spiritual life which has benefited me a lot on how I can take a very good care of my family and friends including the Community which I am still practicing right now, so Youth Out international is doing a very vital work by empowering young leaders like us and changing of mindset to be reliable. 

That’s my Testimony



October 3rd, 2021 – Moslem Youth came to the training & Accepted Jesus

Youths from Ulongwe (Machinga) in the Eastern Region of Malawi recently attended the Youth OUT Training, based on an invite from one of the other youths in the region, and they were so encouraged and almost all accepted Jesus that week-end as their Savior, and even started their own group and are regularly gathering now, learning and growing in the Lord.

We praise God for every Soul coming to Jesus, and for every young person’s life that is changing for the better..!!

And we are trusting God, for more lives to change, and for them all to receive the Holy Spirit !!


August 9th, 2021 – Testimony from Praise

Youth Out has helped us as youth both spiritual and physical life especially how we can become reliable  leaders, vision casting, networking, youth & ministry and prayer & repentance….

You know, we get encouraged as we see your attention, following how we are doing in our areas because on our own its very difficult to encourage each other

Thank you so much our leaders, God bless you 

#Praise HT


Photos from other groups

Below are some photos from past events where the youths have formed their own groups and gathering on a regular basis – working through the booklet from Ps Jeffrey Daly on Take the Repentance Route. And the feedback we have received from these youths are incredible, how their lives have changed, and how God has spoken to them…etc.. They are on fire for God. Hamidah is now even traveling with Bishop Joseph assisting in the training of these youths, taking them from a point where they see no value for their futures, to a point where they realise they each have a unique calling and that their lives have purpose and a future !!

THUS: We want to encourage you, please support these outreaches in Malawi, as there are various costs involved of traveling and food for the youths, and overnight stays of the team, etc…

All this is to reach the young generation for Jesus, and in so doing we will change Malawi forever !!!

Hallelu’Yah !!

Testimonies received from Mulanje Follow-up Outreach on Wednesday April 7th, 2021

During our Visit in the beginning of December, 2020 (referring to the testimonies further below for Mulanje – December 2020) we decided to visit the Mulanje Village again, and this time over a 100 people received Jesus… !!!

Rev Edward, Ps Albert & Ps Maxwell went together to Mulanje on Wednesday, April 7th in the afternoon, after a friend sponsored them to hold another Repentance conference in Mulanje, after hearing of the Jesus farm reports and the testimonies from Mulanje…

Ps Maxwell preached and shared his testimony of how God saved him from the dead after a fatal accident, after which they lead the people in various repentance prayers of Abortions, Killing of innocents, Pride, Witchcraft and then leading them in a Salvation prayer.

After all the prayers, the 200kg of Maize Flower was handed out and shared amongst the families.

There were lots of rejoicing and happiness of God’s Goodness and faithfulness for them and their village.

We give God all the Glory for every soul saved in these last hours..!!!

May God continue to Bless King Kapasale and Mulanje Village…!!

Hallelujah !!

Testimonies received from Mulanje Outreach on Saturday December 5th, 2020

During the visit of the National Repentance Malawi team in the Mulanje Village, Mrs Kapasale, the King of Mulanje, also came to listen to them preaching.

And she decided there and then to receive Jesus as her Lord and Savior, and was also delivered from the spirit of Witchcraft, and bad dreams etc…!!!

Afterwards she testified, and said “I’m now saved because of Jesus Christ”

Hallelujah !!!

Let’s Rejoice with her and her people in her salvation..

May God Bless King Kapasale and Mulanje Village.

The Children from Mulanje Receiving Jesus Christ as their Saviour

On Saturday December the 5th, 2020, the National Repentance Malawi team went to Mulanje to preach Repentance.

At first they could not go to the area they planned to go to originally, so they went by Motor Bike to a more remote area, and preached to the people there.

You can view some more information and photos on our Gallery Page about the Out reach…

The video on the Right, are from the Children that came to listen to what the Repentance Team were preaching, and they all prayed the Prayer of Salvation led by Ps Albert.

We give God all the Glory, that so many kids had prayed the prayer, and we trust that God will start working in their hearts and minds, and strengthen their faith in Him, and that they will Grow to be awesome Children of God…

And we pray that May God truly work in their midst, and may they all be fully delivered from all witchcraft and start to walk on the right ways of God, and not be led astray by all kinds of false doctrines…

The National Repentance Malawi Team are committed to visit them often, and to walk the road with them…

Hallelujah !!

Rev Edward & Bishop Joseph

National Repentance Malawi has been a blessing, healing and restoration to individuals and many families and even nations with its concept verse of 2 chronicles 7:14

As one of the leaders in the repentance movement, GOD has increased my faith and gifting in prayer and repentance ministry

I believe a prayer of faith and repentance protects us – as stipulated in Luke 10:19 that we have been given power to tread upon the snakes and scorpions and to overcome every power of the enemy.

To Continue with the Story please click here…

The Ministry of Repentance has brought many changes in my personal life and my community

It is clear to me that since we devoted ourselves into the ministry of Repentance many things has happened in my personal life and my community not forgetting what God is doing through this ministry in Malawi as a whole.

To continue with the story please click here…

Testimony Received from Rev Edward after their National Day of Repentance Conference in the Botanical Gardens on the 18th of April 2020:

Apart for praying for families and nations, I also prayed for my immediate Brothers like two of them who have back-slided…

One of them is Joseph who was a great Evangelist in his high school days… When he went to the Natural Red-Acres College, he started drinking due to peer pressure and stopped praying…

His life has been miserable since then. He is very intelligent but the devil took advantage of him. He had traveled locally and abroad in his work.

Thus we have gone with pastors to his home to pray with him a while ago, and we gave him a Bible as a symbol of restoration and preached to him on John 10 v 10…

BUT: GOD was saying we should never give up upon people who seem not to repent..!!

‘Cause In this week I received a call from Joseph’s mum in the village that our repentance prayers are working.  We heard that Joseph was brought back to life after being unconscious for hours. His wife says his eyes were closed and his body was still…

BUT: then he opened his eyes, and said he was somewhere and the angels rebuked him for his bad life..!!!

He says he has repented and asked that we must pray for His New Life in Christ..!!

Hallelujah, we serve a Living GOD !! 

Feedback received from our Website Visitors

Prophet Elijah Nkuna:

This a great work
In a time like this when the world is facing crisis, we need to come back to God and repent anything we may have done that has attracted the anger of God so that our land receive healing and restoration

May God Grace increase in this ministry

15 April 2020


Bishop Gracian Meya

God is faithful , we are
praying for more Anointing , by his grace and mercy 


8th of March 2020

Ps Jeff Daly:

excellent resources; great website

16 Jan 2020


Testimony Received from Rev Edward, after having lunch with a good Friend Rev Dr Sylvester Chabuka

Rev Dr Sylvester Chabuka Principal of Central Christian University in Blantyre, Malawi

This afternoon (25th of March 2020) my longtime friend Rev Dr Sylvester Chabuka, Principal of Central Christian University, and founder of Great Calling Ministries had appreciated Pastor Jeff Daly and Repentance Ministry USA for standing in the gap in this ministry over the nations.

Rev Chabuka said this when He hosted me (Rev Edward) for lunch this afternoon to thank GOD for the strides our NDR is making.

He said the mission of NDR is vast and touching many lives in Malawi and the Nations

He said as the world is suffering from Corona virus and many civil wars, Repentance ministry is a solution..!!

He also said evangelism, prophecy, education, success, business is all embedded in Repentance…

He thanked Mikwamba and whole Repentance team for the good work as a team

He said NDR Malawi ministering to many on website, radio and Facebook as well as Repentance conferences

Rev Chabuka participated in First Repentance conferences few years ago and after that GOD blessed Him with a good position in the Central Christian University.

Another Pastor Emmanuel, was struggling with life, and after Repentance prayers, GOD offered Him a good business too..!!!

God is Good !!

Letter Received from Bishop Chris Labana in Zomba, after the 3rd of March National Repentance day...


When God has spoken to you, you may think you are only the one. I and my dear pastors from different denominations were grieved to what Malawi is experiencing, we agreed to be praying for our nation Malawi every Tuesdays not knowing that there is a ministry “National Day of Repentance”.

Thanks to you Pastor Meya for your stand and love to introducing me to the above ministry. 

Pastor Edward Mikwamba you are patriotic, compassionate and a man of faith like Abraham.  

“Isaac was the child of promise. How could God keep His promise and let Isaac die? Because Abraham knew, God is able. He reasoned that God could raise the dead (Heb 11:19). What faith. Abraham had never heard of anyone having been raised from the dead yet he believed. God is able. Faith without doubt. 

Therefore I salute you my brother Edward for your courage bringing this mighty vision to Malawi, confidently believing that God is to heal our beloved country Malawi. Edward Mikwamba what a faith. God is able. 

I assure you that my wife and I will stand with you. My dear members lets raise up together with one accord and stand with this great vision. God is able to heal our land. 


Bishop Chris Labana.


Here follows some Testimonies  received from those that were attending the National Repentance Day in Zomba on the 3rd of March 2020:

The National Repentance Malawi Team together with Bishop Gracian

Rev Edward sent us this very short message shortly after everyone left for home late the afternoon (no need to say much more…):

“It was a great Repentance we are short of words…. GOD visited Us.. We Filled the Hall and the Holy Spirit moved


Rev Edward later expanded on his message as follows:

“The Lord surprised Us today…

The Hotel hall had no space and we had men, women, boys and girls. There were more than hundred plus.

Team work was possible today:  In Zomba, Gracian with other pastors worked hard. Rev Herman Herman Mvula made a small donation to the program

Moses my friend at chancellor college from Assemblies of GOD offered His car for local running…

Jamal interviewed the people for radio

Bishop Joseph and myself led the people on Repentance and prayer points… :

We prayed for GODly leadership for Malawi. We prayed against accidents, homosexuality and Abortion.

The lodge is on the foot of Zomba mountains and forest the people we’re blessed…

A woman prayed strongly for church unity she says pastors hate each other and they needed to be one..!!!

We even had time to dedicate NDR USA, Malawi and Africa website and season of Repentance…

Intercessors prayed for NDR Global and regional teams

We prayed against Corona virus and locusts and the Lord confirmed cure and vaccine for Corona in the meeting..!!!

After prayers we managed to give everyone bottled water, refreshments and and snacks”


Feedback received from Bishop Gracian:

“We had a wonderful day, and the participants came in large numbers…  We were more than 115  delegates..

Yes  Zomba town’s  pastors  their wives, including their church leadership came and attended the day,  amen ..

God was touching us through the messages, and worship,  etc…amen”


And Some words from Jamal Prince Jamal:

“There is no doubt that the repentance movement is taking shape in Malawi. What’s seen in Zomba yesterday is a great testimony.

May the Lord bless us all.”

Group Photo of the day

During our visit in Chimbiya – Dedza between the 14th & 15th of January 2020 –  many people in the market place came to Jesus Christ and received Him as their Lord and Savior. And some were even touched by God, and received their healing and deliverance.

Here are some photos.

But also see our Gallery page for more photos and what happened on the day..

To God be the Glory !!!!

Hallelujah !!!

During my visit to South Africa in August 2019 – I visited Prophet Deon and his wife Ps Susan Hammer in Centurion, together with Ps Naomi Chitheka, Prophetess Candice Solomons and a friend of ours  Martha Mtuwane. We wanted to meet Bishop Sunday Oahomo from Nigeria that was visiting the Hammer family in SA at the time.

During our visit, Prophet Deon then gave a prophetic word to Martha saying that she will be a pastor soon, and she couldn’t believe it at the time.

BUT: in October she was ordained as a Pastor, and today the 12th of January 2020 she has started pastoring Mbwekweni Living Waters church international in Cape Town, SA…!!!

We give God all the Honor for confirming His promise to her, and calling Ps Martha for His Glory and to work in His Kingdom…

Hallelujah !!!

On the 8th of January, I (Rev Dr Edward Mikwamba) prayed for this lady – Mary Frank in the Forex Bureau today the 8th of January 2020 in Limbe.

She claims she was bewitched when working in Mpumalanga (SA), and she had constant stomach pains.

I prayed for her, and laid my hands on her for her Healing, and God touched her.

She said she has now found peace after the prayer.

I read Ps 91 & Luk 1o to her for her protection and healing.

Also, a Guard at the same place seeing this miracle, then asked me for a healing prayer for him towards his bad headache.

I prayed for him in Jesus Name, and his headache left him.


For any special prayer requests, please WA me on +265 88 1111 076

Elias Letasi

On the 5th of January, During our visit to the Manogochi District handing out food parcels and praying for the flood victims, we also prayed for Elias Letasi, who was born with various tumors, and God has touched him today !!!

We counselled him with Ps 91, and he was very encouraged.

To God be the Glory…

No stepping out by faith to minister to people every goes wasted. God will touch people through you whenever you make yourself available to reach out and pray for someone…

There is someone out there waiting for you now to reach out to him/her…

Amen !!!

Testimony from Vincent

31st December 2019

I’m am so glad to Know Jesus on New Year’s Eve…!!!


Ps Albert Ministered to him from 1John 3:9 on their way to Chikwawa, while Vincent was on his way to the market, drinking on the bus. 

Hallelujah !!!
God is good…!!!

See our Gallery page for more photos and feedback on the day !!! 

Names have been released for the committee for Chikwawa and Nsanje Districts for Repentance ministry

  • Pastor Samuel
  • Pastor Ngozo
  • Pastor Mphoola
  • Pastor Sunday
  • Pastor Mangani
  • Pastor Hussein Nguwo (their coordinator)
They are from different churches to encourage team work and ecumenism Let’s pray for each pastor for God’s Wisdom, Love and Peace to guide them and that they will hear God’s Heart to be able to reach their district with the Word of God and lead everyone unto true repentance before God. This is not an easy mission – and can only be accomplished with Prayer and Fasting and lots of time away from their families.

Here follows some more examples and testimonies of what we have seen and experienced since we have started holding our meetings within Malawi as well as across the borders to Zimbabwe & Mozambique….

We are very exited to tell you there was a Signing of the "Cease Fire" Agreement in Mozambique after we had a week of Repentance in Mozambique
We have seen various People's Prayers answered, even our own prayers for good weather has been answered !!!
During one of our meetings in Zimbabwe, we have seen the complete healing of a Cancer Patient !!!
We have also Prayed for Peace in Zambia after their elections, as well as for 5 of our judges presiding on Malawi elections - case waiting for judgement... We trust God fully that He will intervene on their behalf...!!!
And by God's Grace we have been able to distribute food to various people in Mulanje, Blantyre and Mangochi, bringing great relief to the people... We are trusting God for even more provisions so we can continue helping those in need...

Please join us to Praise God for every testimony and every prayer answered !!!

It is all serving as proof that when we humble ourselves, He is Faithful to His Word and Promises, and will answer our Prayers of Faith…  

As He is a REWARDER of those that Diligently seek Him (Heb 11:6)


Psalm 150 says it so well !!!!

Praise ye the LORD.

Praise God in his sanctuary: praise Him in the firmament of His power. 
Praise Him for His mighty acts: praise Him according to His excellent greatness. 
Praise Him with the sound of the trumpet: praise Him with the psaltery and harp. 
Praise Him with the timbrel and dance: praise Him with stringed instruments and organs. 
Praise Him upon the loud cymbals: praise Him upon the high sounding cymbals. 
Let every thing that hath breath Praise the LORD.

Praise ye the LORD…!!!



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