24 hours Global day of Repentance – 1st May 2020

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24 Hours Global day of Repentance

1st May 2020 from 12pm (CAT)   –   2nd of May 12pm (CAT)

As you may have noticed by now on other places on our website – a 24 hour Global Day of Repentance have been Announced to start on International Workers Day – May the 1st 2020, by the National Day of Repentance (NDR) USA ministry under the leading of PS Jeffrey Daly….

This day has been initiated in honor of Malawi and the National Repentance Malawi team of Pastors and other ministers who grew in various numbers over the past 8+ years, and carried the Torch and Preached the message of Repentance throughout Malawi, seeing God’s hand move on their behalf from and through their regular Prayers of Repentance and Intercession for Malawi, changing situations in their country, and protecting and sparing their nation from various perilous times in the past…  You can read more here about our history and where and how we started !!!

And thus – Now in the face of this Covid-19 Pandemic – we are all standing together again in unity and agreement before God, asking God for His Hand of protection yet again over Malawi – and to spare the people from the heartache and pain from this Pandemic. As we know our strength and Protection only comes from the Lord. And as the numbers of infections are slowly increasing in our country, we know only God can stop this Virus dead in its tracks and prevent it from spreading amongst the people, as it is very difficult for Malawi to go under full Lock-down as any of the other nations can do, as we will all starve of hunger if we aren’t allowed to go out and look for food every day.

Therefore, we invite you to join hands with us – and Register on the Global Day of Repentance Website – and let us know that you are praying with us and for us…

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Latest News on Covid-19 in Malawi

Latest News on Covid-19 infections in Malawi:

Below is a summary taken from the Statistics of the World Health Organization (WHO) – Website as at the 28th of April 2020.

There are now 45 out of the 54 Countries within Africa that are Infected by the Virus – But Malawi is still one of the least impacted countries…!!
Only 22 Countries that has less than 100 people infected and only 13 countries below the 50 mark – and Malawi being the 11th out of 12 countries below the 40 mark still…

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Repentance Program in Mbayani Blantyre – 27 April 2020

Repentance Program in Mbayani Blantyre – 27 April 2020

The National Repentance Malawi Team has prepared some Face Masks, Soap & Candies, from the Donations received from Ps Jeff @ NDR – and decided to have a full Repentance meeting at Mbayani, on the 27th of April 2020.

The People were very thankful for the gifts and the Masks, and after our prayers many were also delivered from witchcraft and other problems…

Below are some photos of the day….

If you can, please assist us with any size donation – big or small, as we need to reach the whole of Malawi with Face Masks and Soap to help the people stay free from COVID-19 infections.

Malawi can’t afford to get a high infection rate, as the medical system won’t be able to cope with the vast number of infections all at once, and people can’t live under lock-down rules, as they are living from hand to mouth on a daily basis.

We can only trust God to intervene on our behalf, and do what we can to prevent the spread of the virus as much as we can.

THUS: If you find it in your heart to make a donation of any size, please contact Rev. Dr. Edward Mikwamba, and he will ensure that every donation is put to great use, and supporting the people.

A Global Day of Repentance – planned for the 1st of May – has also been initiated by NDR USA to start praying for Malawi first @ 12:00 Mid-day CAT for 24 hours – where anyone can sign up and join in on the prayers – and follow a Repentance Prayer Program for your nation…

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COVID-19 – 39 out of 54 countries already affected – but Malawi still has no reports of any infections as at 26th of March 2020

COVID-19:-   39 out of 54 countries already affected…
But Malawi still has No Reports of any infections as at 26th of March 2020

As per the World Health Organisation (WHO) – there are 39 out of the 54 African Countries affected already by the COVID-19 Corona Virus, with 2100 cases reported throughout Africa, 31 people that has lost their lives and 100 people that has been recovered from the virus.

You can read more here on the WHO Website for Africa specifically…

BUT What We are Rejoicing about the most and is thankful to God that Malawi hasn’t reported any cases as yet with the Corona Virus…!!!

We can still freely move – just have some general restrictions applied by Government thus far, to prevent the virus from spreading in our country….

Graphic taken from the WHO Website as at 26th of March 2020

We are trusting God and will continue to put our full Trust and Faith in Him Alone, that He will protect our People and our Borders, and that no one that enters into our Country will come in with the virus. But instead that the Virus will just vanish when it is trying to cross our borders.

We are standing on 2 Chronicles 7:14:  If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land

THUS: We are praying and interceding continually for Malawi first, but also for every country in Africa that has been affected by this virus, as well as those who have lost a loved one because of the virus.

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DEDZA West – 27th of March 2020 – Program


MARCH the 27th, 2020,

FROM 8:00 to 14:00





  1. Arrival and Welcoming – Rev Julius Kachingwe and Rev Edward Mikwamba
  2. PRAISE AND WORSHIP – Pastor Naomi Pleasant Chitheka from Lilongwe
  4. TIME TO REPENT – Polygamy, Blasphemy, Sexual perversions, Witchcraft, cashgate, Humanism and killing of innocents  – Edward Mikwamba to lead us
    1. COVID 19 –  Pastor Albert Nkhoma to lead us
      • Healing of infected and affected
      • Doctors, Research bodies, bereaved families and nations
    2. Malawi Fresh Elections MAY 19, 2020 Rev Julius Kachingwe to lead us
      • Elections Body, integrity, security etc
    3. FAMILIES –  Bishop Joseph Kazembe
  7. BENEDICTION –  Rev Julius Kachingwe



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Malawi Declared as a State of National Disaster – Regarding the Corona Virus

Malawi Declared as a State of National Disaster – Regarding the Corona Virus

Today 20th of March 2020 – Malawi has officially been declared as a State of National Disaster by President Peter Mutharika.

Restrictions have been put in place on all national gatherings not to exceed 100 people in light of the disease, which has already been recorded in in neighboring countries such a as Zambia, Tanzania and South Africa….

All schools will also be closed as from Monday the 23rd of March.

The president is set to address the nation soon on MBC TV.

We will continue to keep you updated with all the news happening in Malawi.


NOW is the TIME for Prayer !!!

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National Repentance Malawi Team Visiting Lilongwe and Presented Repentance Conference Letters

National Repentance Malawi Team Visiting Lilongwe and Presented Repentance Conference Letters

Today Friday the 20th of March, Rev Dr Edward Mikwamba together with Bishop Joseph Kazembe has been visiting a number of places in and around Lilongwe, Presenting Repentance Conference Letters to various leaders… in preparation for our next planned event of the 1st of May – National Day of Repentance which are planned to be held in Lilongwe…

More details to follow soon on this….

Here follows a list of places visited – and below are some photos of today…

  • We met Rev Dr Lazarus Chakwera’s secretary and presented a Repentance Conference Letter to them. Awaiting their feedback…
  • We have also been to the Malawi Human Rights Commission,
  • Presbyterian Church of Malawi,
  • Kamuzu college of nursing,
  • Scripture Union
  • And we have even been at the Zimbabwe Embassy

We are trusting God, that today’s visits was worth the effort and the time spent – and that we will see the leaders will be joining hands with us in prayer on the 1st of May…


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Rev Edward ministering a Repentance Message to an African Church in Malawi

Rev Edward ministering a Repentance Message to an African Church in Malawi

On the weekend of the 8th of March, Rev Edward was invited to a church in Malawi by a Pastor from Kigali (Rwanda), where people from Burundi, Rwanda, the DRC and the Congo are gathering, asking that he must share a message on Repentance with them.

Rev Edward had prophesied to the church a few years back, and that prophecy is now coming in fulfillment

They are busy building a very big church in Malawi, as they have increased in size since then, and is now in need of a bigger church building…

Below are a number of Photos of the service.

All Glory to God – He is reaching more and more people through this National Repentance ministry in Malawi…as all the nations are hungry to hear from God…

Everyone wants to see God move in their country..!!!

Hallelujah !!!

Everyone Worshiping the Lord together

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Re-Elections Date for Malawi Presidential Elections – Has Been Announced !!!

Praise God !!!

The Re-Elections Date for Malawi Presidential Elections – has been set for the 19th of May 2020…!!!!

Below is a video of the Opposition Party Celebrating the outcome of all their efforts to remove corruption from the government…

Please keep Malawi in your prayers – that God will be with us all – and that the Elections will be Free and Fair without any further corruption – and that God will receive all the Honor and the Glory !!!

We invite you to come and pray with us for the Elections on the 3rd of March – as part of our National Day of Repentance Event at Annies Lodge – in ZOMBA !!!


Let’s take Malawi for Jesus !!!

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